Shirley Tan Advocate Magazine’s Activist of the YEAR!

I am documenting this note in the hope that you will remember that Shirl and Jay are innocent bystanders who got caught up in a situation and have been inadvertent activists. If anything goes wrong it will not be for lack of trying on their behalf to help others. It would have been much easier for them to remain silent. … More Shirley Tan Advocate Magazine’s Activist of the YEAR!

FYI- Thanks to the San Francisco / Bay Area Jewish Community

“On June 28th, the LGBT Alliance marched with 600+ people including 60+ Jewish organizations and synagogues and 20+ rabbis in the San Francisco Pride Parade.  While many individuals and congregations have been marching in Pride for years, this was the first time the Jewish community organized to march together.  Perhaps, this was one of the … More FYI- Thanks to the San Francisco / Bay Area Jewish Community

President Obama Tackles Notre Dame

Melanie Nathan, opining: President Barack Obama, today delivered a brilliant speech to the 2009 graduating class at Notre Dame.  He is an consumate strategist;  he used the conflict surrounding his presence as an opportunity to explain the importance of opening the door to  fair mindedness, and the need for open hearts and minds to effectuuate dialogue. His   ‘tackle-it-head-on” … More President Obama Tackles Notre Dame

Press Release Shirley Tan

San Francisco, California “This is a good day for this family, but their fight is not over,” said Chris Waddling, Binational Couples Outreach Director for Marriage Equality USA. Shirley Tan, the California mother of two who was to be deported April 3rd has been given a stay of deportation until April 22nd pending the possibility of further action. Thanks to the heroic efforts of her counsel, Melanie Nathan, lawyer Phyllis Beech, Rep. Jackie Speier [CA-12], Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Immigration Equality’s Julie Kruse, Ms Tan, her wife of 23 years, U.S. citizen Jay Mercado, and their two sons will not be saying goodbye to one another just yet. … More Press Release Shirley Tan

Feels like my entire life depends on 4 hours of alienable argument

The Court has taken the matter as submitted. Prop 8 is on the decision block. It seemed to me by listening to the questions of the esteemed Justices that proposition 8 may go through as valid. I feel despondent. Although I thought Ms. Stewart’s argument was articulate and clear and its jurisprudential profundity seemed to outweigh that of the opponent. … More Feels like my entire life depends on 4 hours of alienable argument

Urge Your Reps

Been on my mind for eight years…. Immigration rights for bi-national gay  and lesbian permanent partners now seeks refuge in the UAFA – Uniting American Families Act.  Nice name…. But that is what it seeks to do… this is a no-brainer.   It MUST be done. Please urge your rep to co-sponsor or sign on to … More Urge Your Reps