Urge Your Reps

back-of-my-mind-logi1Been on my mind for eight years…. Immigration rights for bi-national gay  and lesbian permanent partners now seeks refuge in the UAFA – Uniting American Families Act.  Nice name…. But that is what it seeks to do… this is a no-brainer.   It MUST be done. Please urge your rep to co-sponsor or sign on to it.  Details to follow. Its late and I am tired! ttfn…

Oh yes, Mr. President – first day flying Air-force -One.  Great speech on separating church and state, using anti hate as theme… nice …. maybe we will be okay.  For the first time inn eight years I am willing to acknowledge that we have A PRESIDENT.  Every time Bush came on TV I just had to turn it off.  He butchered my senses.

2 thoughts on “Urge Your Reps

  1. I like that ‘butchered my senses’ – I’ll always remember him for being developmentally disabled, and I mean that. Reagan was a true paranoid schizophrenic – I read a psychiatrist’s account once.

    So I guess the US Gov really IS an equal opportunity employer.

  2. THis is an important issue; i am a fan and hope many others get the opportunity to see your passion and compassion. well done

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