20 thoughts on “Senator Dianne Feinstein, et al save Shirley Tan

  1. This is so great! Shirley has been in my thoughts. It’s hard enough being denied our basic rights in the LGBT community…. But to be torn from your home and family…

    One thing I’m not clear on… She gets to stay as long as we Do Not pass the UAFA? That doesn’t sound right… Isn’t the whole purpose of the UAFA to protect bi-national LGBT couples?

    Maybe I was just reading the article wrong…. 😉

    1. Thanks again for your support; I have rewritten the post making it clearer. Please come back and visit my blog again.

    1. Thanks so much for your support. Its a big celebration and at the same time highlights the plight of all the others. Keep visiting the blog tere will be lots of UAFA news here.

  2. This is wonderful news! I want a private bill, too!
    I am an American, last registered to vote in San Francisco, and I have a partner from Germany. As an EU citizen, he and I have decided to live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for now. However, we both want to return to San Francisco, but we cannot because he cannot immigrate to the US based on our relationship!!!
    Please do all possible to pass UAFA this 111th session of Congress!
    Desperate to return home, but cannot due to discrimination!
    James Ashburn
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    1. James please contact http://www.loveexile.org, Martha McDevitt Pugh and make sure she has your details and story; then please email me at nathan@privatecourts.com so I can put you on my lists. we have some ideas for UAFA where you can be helpful. Anyone else reasing this is encouraged to e-mail me as well. Thanks and please hang in tere because we ARE going to make it happen. mel

  3. News results for shirley Tan deportation Feinstein intervenes to help lesbian mother threatened with …‎ – 7 hours ago
    Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday introduced special legislation in Congress that immediately stays Shirley Tan’s deportation order, and that if passed, …San Jose Mercury News – 106 related articles »

  4. It is great for the family to stay and have a chance in life. Nevertheless Senator Feinstein is not for the american people. She has turned down any similar help on american descendant people on similar situations……….it says a lot about her patriotism and loive for what the US stands for………………

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