Astounding Video – “Corrective Rape” Lesbians in South Africa

4-14-10; Melanie Nathan;

Scenes of South Africa & Interviews

In a recent report last week by the South African Human Rights Commission and ActionAid, an international anti-poverty organization is saying that gangs of South African men are raping lesbians in the belief it will “cure” the women’s sexual orientation. There has been a rise in incidence since this video report in 2009.

In the report, one lesbian and gay support group told ActionAid it was dealing with 10 new cases of lesbians being targeted for what it called “corrective rape” every week in Cape Town alone and said that hundreds of South African lesbian women have reported that gangs of men taunted them for being lesbians, and then proceeded to viciously rape and beat them in an effort to cure them of their “homosexual affliction” and change them into “real girls.”

Special thanks to Lori Sirois of America Wake Up 2010 for hosting us on her BLOG TALK radio show today. Website:

By: Melanie Nathan


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