Feels like my entire life depends on 4 hours of alienable argument

344_gay_pride_and_visit_to_la_0061The Court has taken the matter, as submitted.  Prop 8 is on the decision block. It seemed to me by listening to the questions of the esteemed Justices that proposition 8 may  be adjudicated, valid. I feel despondent.    

Yet, I thought Ms. Stewart’s argument was articulate and clear and its jurisprudential profundity seemed to outweigh that of the opponent, I think his name was Star…      The inability of the opposition (my opinion) to address the harm to already married gay couples, may serve to enlighten a teetering Justice.   Their Counsel relied on semantics that did not in effect serve to answer the questions posed by the Judges.  I could not understand the difference between retroactivity as opposed to asserting that our marriages are simply invalid; but not ab initia?   What is the difference – the effect is the same and surely the Justices will see that. This is where I am proud to be one of the 18,000 and that is why it mattered so much to get married as soon as we all did.

As far as I am concerned, my marriage counts even if a mere statistic at this juncture.  But it is indeed a statistic that by virtue of its proportion engenders conscience and significance by exacerbating the potential for possible prejudicial treatment.  No group of 18,000 or more or less has ever had their valid marriage taken away from them. 

That said it is now another waiting game.  If this works we are okay if not I guess we will be back as second class citizens looking for a PROPOSITION to validate our existence.  Lets pick a number; How about PROPOSITION 3 FOR EQUALITY… whereas …. PROPOSITION 8 WAS ALL ABOUT HATE…


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