Nelson Mandela Coins

The Purchase of Nelson Mandela Medallion RED RIBBON TWIN SET is available through this site.


Capturing the legacy of one of the most influential icons in the world, The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) and The Scoin Shop (Scoin) have  released a limited edition commemorative Nelson Mandela HIV/AIDS medallion, the first of its kind for sale in the United States.

Only 2,500 of these rare collectibles have been minted worldwide. 

If you are a collector, investor or new to the idea of collecting medallions, this is a fabulous addition.

PURCHASE PRICE $2.250 IN USA ONLY.  SALES TAX FOR VERMONT RESIDENTS AND S&H FREE IN USA. (Price subject to change without notice)


The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) and The Scoin Shop (Scoin) has the worldwide rights to distribute the Mandela and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate images on medallions.

The 2,500 limited edition two piece set, consisting of a half ounce gold and one ounce silver, depicts Nobel Prize recipient and former South African President Nelson Mandela’s image on the obverse and the AIDs ribbon on the reverse, together with his renowned quote:

“AIDS is no longer a disease, it’s a human rights issue.”

Beneficiaries include: The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Nobel Institute.

Sales Tax for Vermont Residents. Shipping and Handling Free – To Purchase please contact or go to 

Celebrating the Launch of Nelson MandelaHIV/AIDS Medallions in the United States (

The South African Gold Coin Exchange Announces Launch of Nelson Mandela HIV/AIDS Medallion (


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