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Melanie provides 40 pro bono hours each week to African Human Rights Coalition and her writing on issues involving LGBTQI local and  global equality, and local politics. Much of the writing serves to advocate for global LGBTQI communities and asylum seekers and refugees. Much unpaid time is spent on direct services for LGBTQ asylum seeker and refugees, to include providing expert testimony for asylum cases and complicated time consuming country conditions reports.

Our blogging is drenched in advocacy™.

Since 2011, O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da has served mostly as a platform for LGBTI equality, human rights activism and advocacy and more recently local Bay Area, California tidbits, Mel and her kids’ home for the past 20 plus years!

The amount of work is enormous;  we are relentless and fearless and not beholden to any corporate interest, nor advocacy group, nor movement, nor organization, and so we are not afraid to take any one to task,  all are subject to our scrutiny and you will see we have not been shy.   We are not a non profit and do not want to spend our time fundraising. We are fabulously independent. We do not charge for advertizing.

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Our posts often take an advocacy approach and are used to further the activism of many of our friends.

To sustain this work we are asking  our readers to help support us through a voluntary subscription. The amount will be $18.63 USD per annum.  That amounts to .05c per day.

Notwithstanding its usual newsworthiness, our work is picked up by other media professionals and has a vast and profound readership both in the U.S., U.K. , Africa and around the world.

It is read and used by university students,  lecturers and professors, alike, as well as government officials and activists.

All said and done it will be the readers to whom we will be accountable.  We hope you show us that you care.

NOTE: You do not need a paid subscription to visit and read all our content at this time. However it does help to support our work.  Both the independent writing and the behind the scenes advocacy.

A few of the very many comments and e-mails about our work:

– “Thanks Melanie and by the way let me use this chance to personally say thank you for all that you have done for ugandan LGBT community, i no longer live there,but i have followed your work,we better give u a Ugandan passport…joking,but really thank you got no words for what u have done so far.”

– “Miss malein, its me your friend. first & foremost i really appreciate your continuous struggle & support about the LGBTI community.please thank you & continue with that sipirite dear until the LGBTI community is totally liberated out of this bondage. im yearning to hear from you again thank you!”

– Award winning Ugandan activist: “thanks u so much i know you have even more important things to stand by us always. its makes us stronger indeed. M glad to know u and hope one day we shall meet..”

– “Melanie, I am so impressed with the articles and support of homeless LGBTI youth. I so appreciate the way you shout from the mountain tops!!! Your calls for evolution of the mind is the change the world needs.”

– “Thank-you for all the great work you are doing and for making me aware of the situation in Uganda. ”

– “I honor you and your work, I think it’s beautiful that you call these ‘people pretending to be leaders’ out. I wanted to say was that I respect your individuality and no matter who tries to knock you down you just keep bringing it on. Thank You for inspiring me and count yourself on my very short role models list.”

– “Melanie! Thanks for all you do for all of us…”

– “Congratulations to you in bringing honor to those who share your passion and dedication for preserving and protecting human rights in all its dimensions. You’ve been a stalwart champion in that regard and role model of courage, tenacity and persistence!”

– “It is such a sad ending for any one who is fighting to be recognised for being true to himself. Many of us have not shown that we have the determinations to walk that lonely but heroic path. Melanie, thank you for taking those strides for us. I am certain, that i want to be counted.”

– “Great sleuthing and advocacy work, Melanie! Thanks for bringing this unsavory connection out into the sunlight.”

– ” Thank you for being such an inspiration to me for as a Gay person living in S. Africa. I have decided on organising the 1st Gay and Lesbian Parade in my town. This parade will fight the stigma against Gays and Lesbians that is still out there in my sub-district and surrounding areas! Reading Your articles u have given me more reason to go forward with this project in making it a hige success  and I just want 2 thank u for that!”

– ”  I am the president of The Daily Journalist We would like to republish some of your articles in our section “World” and “Thinker””

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