Hunt and Kill The Gays Ugandan Minister Lokodo is Dead

The Ugandan Minister Who Hunted Gays is DEAD ! Uganda’s Former ethics and integrity minister Rev Fr Simon Lokodo is dead.

Ironically Fr Lokodo, one of the greatest human rights abusers who persecuted LGBTQI Ugandans was a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) and in commission of this work died Saturday morning in Geneva, Switzerland, according to a statement from the rights body.

The LGBTQI world will not be mourning this man’s death, noting he is probably directly and indirectly responsible for much violence and resulting death to innocent Ugandans.

Melanie Nathan of African Human Rights Coalition notes: “Simon Lokodo, a former priest, promoted the horrific Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014, also known as THE KILL THE GAYS BILL, in Uganda. He hid his human rights abuses behind his title of MINISTER of ETHICS and INTEGRITY, between 2011 and June 2021 when he was dropped from cabinet. Two months later he was appointed as a commissioner for the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), the most incongruous and insulting of appointments imaginable. It is impossible to grieve or be sorry for the loss of someone who so maliciously connived against and hurt so many people, unjustifiably. He conducted witch-hunts of gay people, shut down HIV research, clinics and workshops, encouraged and gave license to unimaginable torture and persecution, bringing violence to a minority group, all because of their human sexuality and gender identity. This man served as a stain on Uganda! I have nothing more to say!”

Article first written HERE.

Melanie Nathan

HERE are some of the very many articles written about him from Melanie Nathan’s Advocacy BLOG since 2011:

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