Urging Congress to Support the Refugee Protection Act of 2019 

The  Refugee Protection Act (RPA) of 2019, led by Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Zoe Lofgren and cosponsored by more than two dozen members of Congress seeks to restore justice to the U.S. asylum and refugee resettlement systems and revive our country’s founding commitment to offer safe haven for those fleeing persecution.  Congress must support this historic Bill.  It is imperative that members of our Congress start the work to reverse the damage done by Trump administration. Benchmarking a restoration of American values cannot be underestimated, noting the necessity to come out from underneath the mayhem and trauma that the Trump era has caused refugees.

Over the past three years, the Trump Administration has waged an all-out assault on refugees, introducing a slew of draconian policies that have decimated the overseas resettlement program, caused untold suffering at our southern border, and all but eliminated the ability of asylum seekers to receive fair hearings in the United States. Congress now has the opportunity – and the moral responsibility – to reverse the profound damage this Administration has wrought.  The LGBTQI community, which has experienced added persecution through being forced to seek protection and resettlement via hostile host countries that criminalize their sexuality, and those who have presented themselves at our Southern border, have been horrifically impacted by Trump’s cruel policies.

The RPA of 2019 sets a path for reopening our doors to refugees and bringing the United States back in line with its humanitarian commitments.

Among many critical provisions, the RPA would:

  • Reverse former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ devastating Matter of A-B- decision, which has severely undermined the asylum claims of those fleeing domestic violence and gang brutality;
  • Put an end to “asylum ban 2.0,” the Administration’s rule barring asylum for virtually all non-Mexicans arriving at the southern border;
  • Allow those denied asylum due to the Administration’s cruel Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) or asylum bans to reopen their cases;
  • Eliminate the current practice of “metering,” which restricts the number of asylum seekers permitted to request protection at border;
  • Prohibit any criminal prosecution of asylum seekers for merely crossing the border and ensure that asylum seekers are not subjected to needless, punitive detention; and
  • Guarantee access to counsel for immigrant and asylum-seeking children.

“This is a pivotal moment in our country’s history,” CGRS Gender Asylum Campaign Director Kate Jastram said today. “In the face of an urgent humanitarian crisis, the Trump Administration has chosen to turn its back on refugees. It is now up to Congress to take bold action and restore the United States’ tradition of extending protection for those who turn to our country for safety and justice.”

Melanie Nathan of African Human Rights Coalition notes that were ought to be special paths and protections to include guaranteed resettlement as well as an expedited process for the resettlement of LGBTQI refugees who are subjected to life threatening insecurities even while refugees.




Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
Follow me on Twitter – @MelanieNathan1
Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

2 thoughts on “Urging Congress to Support the Refugee Protection Act of 2019 

  1. Those LGBTIs in KAKUMA need too much support because the situation is to bad.Please provide them with to much help and even they’re passing into a poor medication and the camp manager decided to send them away and even The president said to no longer be any LGBTI in kenya so they want them to register as other refugees.So let pray for them.

    1. LGBTIQ refugees in Kenya are unsafe,we always beaten and arrested and we can disclose out any LGBTIQ explanation in the kenyan’s Court,
      Hopelessly since Trump’s administration can’t support such movement for safety(resettlement)

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