One Million Hits One Million Thanks from O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da

Dear Friends,

Almost there…… 997,323 …….

The seemingly trite and amusing name of my 8 year old BLOG stands in stark contrast to the mostly serious and not funny subject matter it deals with. I am proud to say that with 2000 to go, we have almost hit the ONE MILLION view mark!

O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da has been a labor of love and a commitment I endure with complex emotion in its mix of LGBTQI equality advocacy, themed to end global criminalization of LGBTQI people and promote equality, plus news, politics and more…

Please explore – and do not hesitate to enter your search words – to see what comes up: For example: the keywords give you an insight: LGBTI, LGBTQI, Marriage Equality, Refugees, Kakuma, Trump, Melanie Nathan ( or your own name), Asylum, Human Rights, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Gay flag, Lesbian, Corrective Rape, Africa …. etc ….

Oblogdee has been a venue for your organization’s press releases, for unique real time news, for providing a platform to the authentic voices of those whose stories we tell, for a gallery of pictures that the world MUST see, for use by  students writing their thesis. This BLOG was born from my personal discriminatory experiences during the DOMA era, from being the first to publish THE FACE OF CORRECTIVE RAPE, that took the issue of viral around the world, my advocacy for Shirley Tan that led to the introduction of a Private Bill by Senator Feinstein into Congress on her behalf, and so much more.. even to include my altercation with NAVAIR when it infringed my First Amendment Rights after I tweeted my criticism of Trump! I have used the BLOG as an advocacy tool and it has been such an incredibly rewarding experience – so THANK YOU!

Thank you to all who have read OBLOGDEE.BLOG, and to those who have provided press releases and quotes.  Many thanks to my courageous sources, those brave refugees and asylum seekers and activists who report in real time, despite the odds. Thank you to my friends and family who put up with me jumping up in the middle of meals, sleep and play to attend to Oblogdee’s urgent needs!  Thanks to my muses – you know who you are.

And a BIG thank you to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association for the 2019 Excellence in Blogging award.

Please subscribe for free or you can contribute with an annual subscription rate to support the expenses, your choice! Either way subscribing will ensure you get an email when a new article appears.In looking at the Stats I am happy to note the extensive use of the BLOG by journalists, students, academics, politicians, legal professionals, fellow bloggers and human rights activists, all from across the globe.

Here are some choice reads:
Melanie Versus Trump on the MSNBC Joy Reid Show: Here
Asylum seekers who I worked with:  From the Congo to the Castro: Here,
Wedding For Asylum Seekers at City Hall: Here
Advocacy Articles about Refugees in Kakuma Camp, Kenya: Here
Remembering my mom, Professor Carmen Nathan: Here

Again – many thanks…. and let me know what you think!

Aluta continua,

Melanie Nathan


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