Gen Z

Introduction to Refael

IMG_4200Salutations! I’m Refael, although you can call me Fae for short. I’m twelve years old, and I’m gonna go into 7th grade soon. Melanie (one of my moms), refers to me as her ‘little one’ because I have a sister who is eight years older than me.

I used to write for my mom’s blog using the alias ‘Pikachu’, regrettably. My immediate family also consists of my (other) mom, and my puppy. My dream is going into writing and humanities, and I do minor acting and baking on the side. I’m going to be writing for this blog a little more often, and I’m sorry for those poor souls who have to read about my middle-school drama using my limited child vocabulary & grammar. For those who find my rambling impressive, I’d like to inform you my parents do not edit my entries and that I rely solely on auto-correct and whatever I already know. That’s probably the basics about me, now I must bid you all adieu.