African HRC Launches Video Pride Message from LGBTQI Refugees in Kakuma Camp

Yes, you may have a sneak preview – though official launch is 11 am PST tomorrow at the event LGBTQ Pride and Migration 2020 tomorrow June 20th for World refugee Day.

This Saturday we invite you to join African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) as we celebrate World Refugee Day with PRIDE, honoring the brave and resilient LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers around the globe.

World Refugee Day is celebrated on June 20th to commemorate the struggles of millions of displaced people.

LGBTQ Pride and Migration 2020 is a digital Pride event in honor of World Refugee Day: “Join artists, activists, and global leaders as we celebrate love and resistance together. Performers include Marti Gould Allen-Cummings, Trevor Bachman Shape Shifter’s Project, as well as a panel discussion with leading global LGBTQ advocates.”

AHRC is participating in LGBTQ Pride and Migration 2020, where I will be a speaker and where AHRC will be premiering a very moving Video PRIDE Message from LGBTQI refugees at Kakuma Camp, Kenya.   We are inviting you to take a sneak preview of the video produced by AHRC HERE.

The Video will also be shown on the main stage of DIGITAL GLOBAL PRIDE 2020 scheduled for June 27th.

Many thanks for your participation, support and for considering making a gift in honor of this weekend and Pride, to support AHRC’s continued advocacy and humanitarian work HERE.

LGBTQ Pride and Migration 2020 will be live on SAT 20th at for New Yorkers 12:45 pm, London 5:45pm, California 9.45 am, Costa Rica 10.45 am.
Link for the live event –

Wishing you a meaningful and safe PRIDE 2020:
Please spear the Video message around with this hashtag #AHRCPride – THE VIDEO PREVIEW IS  HERE.

Melanie Nathan
Law, Human Rights Advocacy and Mediation
African Human Rights Coalition (
Executive Director
Blog: Oblogdee.Blog
pronouns: she / her / hers

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