Important COVID-19 Virus Pandemic Resources for Immigrants, Advocates and Allies

Standing with ALL Immigrants during this difficult time: Photo Mel Nathan with Baby Hannah- (1998) Immigration Matters!

The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) at Hastings in San Francisco has compiled a bilingual (English/Spanish) COVID-19 resource guide for immigrant communities, advocates, and allies.

Protecting the health of our most vulnerable community members during the COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to fight for their rights. On this page HERE is a list of resources for immigrants and asylum seekers, as well as action tools and opportunities to provide support for advocates and allies.

CGRS will be updating these resources continuously.

For support in asylum and other fear-of-return cases, CGRS’s technical assistance services remain available free of charge.

African Human Rights Coalition will add these to its website too and is grateful to CGRS for their ongoing TLC of all immigrant communities.

Please note that I am featured as a Country Conditions Expert for asylum cases o  the CGRS database, qualified to provide asylum reports and testify in the U.S. and Global courts as an expert witness for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals in their asylum cases for the following countries: Angola, Uganda, Niger, Nigeria, DRC (Congo), Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Zambia.  (Contact info below)

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