Trump Scapegoats Immigrants Attempting to Deflect from Failed Pandemic Response

Empty Airports, JFK During Pandemic : Photo: Hannah Ponder

Last night Donald Trump current President of The United States,  announced by tweet plans to issue an executive order temporarily suspending all immigration to the United States.

Comments in  response:

Decrying the Trump Threat to Suspend Immigration

Karen Musalo, Director of the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS), shared the following comment:

“Once again, the White House is scapegoating immigrants in a shameful attempt to deflect attention from their own failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last month they shuttered our borders to asylum seekers, endangering thousands of vulnerable women, children, and families. The president is now using the pandemic as justification to restrict immigration even further and distract from the true public health emergency we are facing.”

“The United States has reported more COVID-19 cases than any other country in the world. Instead of escalating cruel and senseless attacks on immigrants and asylum seekers, the Trump Administration should invest in public health interventions that actually protect our communities.”

Melanie Nathan, Executive Director African Human Rights Coalition:

Trump ‘s tweet noted that he is suspending immigration temporarily due to the job situation as created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, and notes that in doing so he would save jobs for the American who need the jobs.

Though the terms are yet to be revealed, the ramification of this statement and impending EO is huge.

It impacts families trying to get together, fiancé’s trying to marry. Let’s hope that it does not endure for too long and if it’s only a concomitant of the Pandemic and will soon be reversed by improved conditions, court actions or the election of a Democrat in his stead. We will ensure however that we fight whatever preposterous Order he attempts to invoke.

It does show you where the Trump and ilk mindset! He does not miss a chance to attack, demonize and prevent immigration, scapegoating immigrants in the process!  To cite saving American jobs because of the pandemic, in my opinion, is a shoddy and crazed excuse for his proven xenophobia. And its political opportunism at its worst!

What Happens to the fiancé who cannot enter the U.S. to be with a future spouse? A family member reunited with another? And all under the pretext  of ‘sparing jobs for Americans’? That preposterous notion purports to uphold ‘rights’ for some while it denies the rights of others!

I do not know what this means for asylum seeker’s who are already in the United States, with their cases in progress pr pending outcomes? What of the status of conditional green card holders? I cannot see how he can feasibly hold up those cases in the names of jobs for Americans! These are individuals who need protection from severe persecution or people who have married Americans and entitled to have green card conditions removed, under the law. I cannot imagine how America could possibly turn their back on these forms of immigration.


Trump suspends U.S. immigration for 60 days, citing coronavirus crisis and jobs shortage

In an unprecedented executive order, the president has effectively shut down most immigration to the United States, claiming the move will protect the nation from “the Invisible Enemy” and help Americans secure jobs amid a massive spike in unemployment. It is a move that fits with his longstanding restrictionist approach to U.S. borders, and some experts worry that it could be difficult to undo if Trump wants it to continue indefinitely. The United States has, by far, the most confirmed coronaviruses cases in the world and nearly 20,000 more virus-related deaths than any other country. READ MORE.


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