Celebrating This Blog as we Head to One Million

Dear Friends,

As we head toward a momentous milestone for O-Blog-Dee-O-BLog-Da, I am posting this to thank you for your ongoing and kind support. A special thanks to the subscribers who for $18.63 per annum each, so kindly contribute to the expenses.  At the time of writing this O-Blog-Dee-O-BLog-Da has had 988,953 reads which means we have 11,047 until we reach the One MILLION mark! The most popular article was read 20,495 times and I have written, with the help of the occasional guest, 2,800 posts/articles.

As it happens 2019 sought fit to deliver an award. Our first ever: The National Gay and Lesbian Association of Journalists (NLGJA) Excellence in Blogging Award – for our article about a violent refugee protest in Kakuma Camp, Kenya. This recognizes and platforms the plight of LGBTQI refugees in Kenya, and for me, in essence, serves to acknowledge the other scores of articles which I have written while serving as an advocate for LGBTQI refugees in the region. To read those articles here is a search result for “KAKUMA” on the Blog: https://oblogdee.blog/?s=kakuma

The winning Article: LGBT Refugee Peaceful Protest Turns Violent at UNHCR Compound in Kenya, Posted on Melanie Nathan

O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da  is a mish-mash of advocacy, opinion and news. And at year’s end we bring our popular: Heroes and Zeroes.

The Blog is followed by academics, researchers, government departments in the U.S. and abroad, World agencies, politicians, NGO’s and charitable organizations, activists, advocates, professionals and community alike.

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If you would like to help O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da reach that 1 MILLION Mark and beyond: Please consider passing this link along. Would it not be great to hit One Million on the very day we pick up the award at the NLGJA Convention in New Orleans on August 29, 2019.



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Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
Follow me on Twitter – @MelanieNathan1
Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

*I would like to thank my Marin County lesbian Community Supporting Group for sponsoring the trip to New Orleans to pick ups the award.


Delivering 250,000 Signatures to Minister of Justice at South African parliament in the fight against so called “corrective rape” of lesbians.
Opening of First LGBTQ Shelter in Africa
Michele Meow of Swirl radio who moderated the event, with Nathan and Member of Ugandan Parliament Nabillah  SSempala.

VP for SF Pride – many main stage and other moments

Leading the SF Pride Parade with Board’s resistance contingent-
Carrying the SF Women’s March front banner with Mayor London Breed and Rep. Barabara Lee and other SF Women leaders
Leading Women’s March resistance protest against Trump caging children and separating families- with Joan Baez


Taxi in Khyalitsha Township, SA with Zanele Muholi
United States Congress – another yakking visit
Pink Triangle speech


Accepting Award for UNSETTLED
At SF City Hall: Marriage Equality Kris and Sandy Marry – Kamala Harris Officiates

With Gilbert Baker and Ken Kidd, NYC

Delivering Gay Flag of SA with its designer when Mandela died to Mandela Square
Tan Family, Senator Leahy and Senator Feinstein after obtaining Private Bill and Senate Judiciary Committee testimony
Contributor Kathy Kristofferson who helped OBLGDEE enormously-

Melanie Nathan speaking at Cape Town Pride 2011 about so called “corrective” rape against lesbians.
David Kato’s memorial in Castro
With S.A. Justice Edwin Cameron
South African Par,iamentary meeting
Mel Nathan nd Zanele Muholi

Chad Griffin, President HRC, and Melanie Nathan, Castro , San Francisco 2012.


Melanie at Prop 8 rally in 2008.
Dustin Lance Black Melanie Nathan


Gavin Newsom gave the press his impression of the proceedings


Arguments at SCOTUS for Marriage


First Asylum Lesbian Couple to marry at SF City Hall- Mari and Cheyenne from UNSTETLED


At Mandela’s House
Community Grand Marshal San Francisco Pride 2014
HIV/AIDS Mandela Coin Launch at South African Consulate New York. With Consulate General and Diplomats including Alan Demby CEO South African Gold Coin Exchange.
With the first same-sex couple to marry in Seattle
Commissioner Melanie Nathan , Speaking at Marin Human Rights Commission Dr. MLK Awards Gala
With Sally miller Gearhart
With Roger Ross Williams and Rev. Albert Ogle

Rep. Eleanor zHolmes Norton and Melanie Nathan at launch of Mandela Statue SA Embassy DC, 2013.
Russian LGBTQI activists at SF LGBT Center
Sec Gen. Ban Ki Moon, and Rev Jesse Jackson at United Nations.
Western union receipts for first LGBT Safe Shelter fund
Protesting HRC
Gina Caprio, Amos Lim, Rep. Kevin de Leon, Melanie Nathan Testimony at State Capital


Melanie and Michele McFarlane , Author Au Pair, Cape Town 2011



Rita Mae Brown and Melanie Nathan

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