Trump’s LGBT Pride Month Tweet is a Lie, Hypocrisy and a Threat

It is Pride Month and politicians seem to think this is the time to court LGBT votes- even those ‘dispicables’ who tout our demise! Including Donald Trump: In effect Trump is complicit in the ongoing assault, rapes and deaths of LGBT people worldwide.

As many of you know I have been blocked by Donald J. Trump on his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. He blocked me well over a year ago when a tweet of mine went viral. He could not handle the truth – being called a liar!  That said I do receive screenshots of his Tweets from friends, supporters and also through following social media of others.  If you are reading this, I would be very grateful if you would spread my perspective on his latest lie – that being his purported support of LGBT people. His current Tweet about LGBT Pride Month may ring supportive to an ignorant ear, or a supporter who believes the lie, or a racist ear- you know those very odd gays who want to pretend that Trump is their friend.  I repeat- its sentiment is an outright lie, it is couched in hypocrisy and its undertone can be interpreted as a threat! Do not allow anyone to be fooled – so please post/ link this on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you deem significant.

Here is the Trump Tweet:


Here is what this Tweet actually delivers:

Here is the Trump lie: Trump’s actual acts and actions barely begin to comport with these words in terms of their literal meaning: Trump is attempting to bring back a Trans form of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, to roll back the progress the LGBTQI military community has taken decades to achieve.  His stance which for now targets trans people in the military, serves not only to discriminate against trans service members and those who would like to enlist, but also sets trans people up for further violence, through the insidious message Trump is delivering through policy.

Trump and his Republican led Senate have made it clear that they will not support the Equality Act. The very critical piece of legislation that would protect LGBT from a myriad of inequities on a Federal level – the very many discriminatory circumstances that this new law would dramatically mitigate.  This means Trump and the Republicans have said they do not support equality for LGBTQI individuals. So, the very history and our actual reason for engaging in our PRIDE, in the form of protests and celebrations during Pride Month, is THUS negated by his so called supportive Tweet! Think about it for a minute.

These assertions are by no means exhaustive… but I shall spare you the rest of it… for now! Lest we forget that Trump actually made notorious gay hater Mike Pence his Vice President!

Here is the Trump hypocrisy: All  of the above points to his hypocrisy – yet one aspect glares at me – especially given my work in the realm of global homophobia, criminalization of sexuality and gender identity and the mass migration emanating from the persecutory climate the latter engenders. If trump truly cared about the criminalization of homosexuality, he might care about those impacted by it. The 70 plus countries that criminalize LGBT people all participate in persecution that leads to evictions, firings, blackmail, extortion, assault, rape, torture, and arbitrary arrests- noting state participation. Has Trump done one thing or called out one single country on this? lest we fail to note how he tickles the testicles of Putin and strokes the hairy balls of the Saudis! Not a word on behalf of gays.  AND even worse than this, he has done nothing except hamper those escaping persecution. He has closed our border to certain Muslim countries, reduced the number of refugees allowed in our country and screwed our asylum laws. He has therefore failed LGBT refugees and asylum seekers who are desperate for a pipeline to safety. In effect Trump is complicit in the ongoing assault, rapes and even deaths of LGBT people worldwide. It makes me feel as if he wants to eradicate us all! And that leads to –

Here is the Trump threat: And I could not say it more perfectly than friend on Face Book, whose privacy I shall maintain: “Translation of the Tweet: YOU ARE ALL LUCKY WE DO NOT ARREST YOU OR KILL YOU TOO!!!”

So for all of you to think for one second that this is remotely supportive – I urge you to find the reality and truth – Lies., Lies, Lies, Hypocrisy and Threats!

And anyone who thinks otherwise is, like this bloke, Jacob Burgess – name now forever embossed in Google Search – either a complete moron, or a mix or full compliment of racist – antisemite – Islam hater – xenophobe, or someone who has so much privilege up his tuchus that he can barely walk, least of all think straight- or should I say think gay!

It is my absolute opinion that any such Jacob Burgess of the world and the Log Cabin Republicans are complicit with Trump in actually hurting LGBTQI people, here and worldwide. And no Tweet or Facebook Post is going to change that!

UPDATED: 06/03/2019:  Noticeably trump as President in his drive for a 2nd term may did not do much to push his so called support of Pride. while he tweeted it from his own account, notary here has been zero retweet by The White House, VP, and official presidential social media accounts. There is also no proclamation or official statement on any website. The message has also not been retweeted by the usual surrogates, including his sycophant family. However it did not go unnoticed by certain rabidly anti gay organizations:

American Family Association Releases Statement After President Trump’s Acknowledgment of ‘Pride Month’

AFA President Tim Wildmon: Trump Should Stand Firm Against Any Legislation That Threatens Religious Freedom

TUPELO, Miss.—After President Donald Trump acknowledged and celebrated LGBT Pride Month Friday, the American Family Association (AFA, released the following statement today:

“Homosexuality is not something the president should celebrate,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “It’s unnatural, unhealthy and immoral behavior. We hope he will continue to stand firm against the so-called Equality Act (H.R. 5) and any legislation that threatens religious freedom. Such legislation will use the full force of the federal government to punish Americans who don’t embrace the LGBT political agenda.”


Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
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5 thoughts on “Trump’s LGBT Pride Month Tweet is a Lie, Hypocrisy and a Threat

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    PLEASE … DO NOT BUY INTO THIS LIE!! … ‘It is Pride Month and politicians seem to think this is the time to court LGBT votes- even those ‘despicables’ who tout our demise! Including Drumpf: In effect Drumpf is complicit in the ongoing assault, rapes and deaths of LGBT people worldwide.’ … Politicians are courting for the LGBTQ vote!! … ‘I repeat – its sentiment is an outright lie, it is couched in hypocrisy and its undertone can be interpreted as a threat! … LIE, HYPOCRISY and THREAT!!

  2. The orange orangutan’s apologists deserve a special place in hell (if I believed in that nonsense, I mean). They’re either self-loathing, imbeciles, or like being beaten up & their own best interests trounced by that mentally-ill, personality-disordered, Dunning-Kruger-poster-child, Chump.

  3. Reblogged this on NANMYKEL.COM and commented:
    Sorry for the personal insults to Jacob, but this is one of rump’s most blatant lies. even though probably penned by one of his well-trained White House lieutenants because I don’ think he’s capable of even faking support for anything.

    1. What is really noticeable is that no one in the Trump team – from his kids to his surrogates to his goons to his staffers – including KAC, Sarah, White House social media, VP Pence, retweeted his lovely friendly LGBTQI Pride Message – clearly not intended for his base! Albeit all a big fat lie!

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