Heroes and Zeroes 2018

It is that time again and wow did this past year zoom by! Each year- heading into the NEW YEAR –  I indulge myself here on Oblogdee with Heroes and Zeroes. Back in 2016 I wrote: “I could not help but notice that this year 62,979,879 ZEROES voted for a sick, mentally deficient, hateful, misogynistic, racist, sexual predator, who happens also to be a xenophobic, homophobic, bigot, whose presidential campaign served to facilitate an atmosphere so divisive that Americans now see fit to scream and yell at fellow Americans on airplanes, out of vehicle windows, on subways, all a testament to their fervor for their shared hate against anyone different, to include, people of color, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, gays, lesbians and trans people. The license to hate so openly and overtly duly provided by an illegitimate president elect Donald Trump. #NOTmyPRESIDENT”

Notably in 2017 it got a lot worse – with banning Muslims from travel, and it devolved into 2018 with separated families, caged kids and proof positive that those 62 million plus voted for a man who this month has been named in effect a coconspirator in a crime for which his own attorney has gone to jail for – for 3 years.

And now 2018 – more fervent mayhem – threats to our Democracy, strong signs of criminality and collusion with foreign enemies as we wonder who is really pulling what strings and why is the silence so ominous?

Photo by Melanie Nathan 2018, San Francisco Women’s March


Now that THAT is off my chest – here goes:


10. Kenyan Police – https://oblogdee.blog/2018/12/11/lgbt-refugee-peaceful-protest-turns-violent-at-unhcr-compound-in-kenya/ 

9.  Rebecca Kadaga  https://oblogdee.blog/2018/10/18/inter-parliamentary-union-votes-to-ban-lgbt-debate-as-led-by-homophobic-ugandan-delegation/

8.  Kanye West https://oblogdee.blog/2018/10/21/kanye-west-is-tone-deaf-in-uganda/

7.  Kirstjen Nielsen https://oblogdee.blog/2018/07/26/remedies-sought-as-united-sates-deported-463-parents-leaving-behind-traumatized-children/

6.  Tanzanian President and Govt. https://oblogdee.blog/?s=tanzania

5.  Jeff Sessions https://oblogdee.blog/2018/06/11/attorney-general-sessions-attempts-to-close-the-door-to-women-asylum-seekers/

4.  Brett Kavanaugh – the sexual predator  https://oblogdee.blog/?s=Kavanaugh+

3.  Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnel, Orin Hatch

2.  The Republican Party – Silent and Complicit

1.   Donald J. Trump and Saudi Crown Prince – Murder Mayhem and More!


10. The Lawyers – All the pro bono lawyers who defended and worked so hard for asylum seekers, caged children and separated families!

9.  Nancy Pelosi

8.  Beto O’Rourke and  Stacy Abrams

7.  Kenyan LGBT Human Rights Defenders – testing Constitutionality criminalization of homosexuality – Courts end forced anal exams. https://oblogdee.blog/?s=kenya+

6.  President of Botswana https://oblogdee.blog/2018/12/11/botswanas-new-president-groundbreaking-support-for-lgbti-rights/

5.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

4.  The New Members of Democratic Party who took the Dems to victory taking the House

3.  Parkland School Shooting Kids Movement

2.  Robert Mueller

1.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

My  Own Year – Some Highlights:

In 2018 Donald trump blocked me on twitter because my Tweet calling him LIAR LIAR LIAR went viral – yup I called him a liar!  After being invited to speak at 2 Southern California Naval bases for Pride month, because I had spoken out against the “Commander in Chief” the NAVAIR Diversity Group  withdrew my invitation. What happened thereafter:

Civil Rights Attorney Lisa Bloom took my First Amendment Rights Case pro bono on my behalf – and we fought and declared victory! I received an apology and I got paid!

Articles and Appearances:




Leading San Francisco Women’s March with Joan Baez, and others – a true honor! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.55.21 PM


BY MELANIE NATHAN, mostly a mom!

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