Speaking Out Against Trump Asylum Seeker Political Stunt

VIA CNN:  United States President Donald Trump on Thursday claimed he would sign an executive order “next week” aimed at restricting US asylum rules, as he seeks to use a group of Central American migrants heading for the US border as part of his midterm election closing argument. He also suggested that the US troops he dispatched to the US-Mexico border could fire on someone in the migrant caravan if the person threw rocks or stones at them.

CGRS Condemns President Trump’s Speech Against Asylum Seeker Families

“President Trump’s vilification of asylum seekers is disgraceful. Mothers, fathers, and children peacefully seeking safe haven from the humanitarian crisis in Central America have a right to access our asylum system,” said CGRS Director Karen Musalo. “They deserve to have these rights upheld. And Americans deserve real solutions that address the root causes of refugee flight by countering violence and instability—not racist political stunts.”

“President Trump’s plan is unconscionable, unlawful, and cruel. Our asylum laws clearly offer protection to those who come here between ports of entry,” said CGRS Co-Legal Director Eunice Lee. “Trump cannot unilaterally shut down asylum in violation of our moral and legal obligations to refugees. Nor can he lawfully detain asylum seeking families in ‘massive tent cities’ in order to punish them.”   – Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, UC Hastings College of the Law

African HRC Condemns Trump Threat to Asylum Seekers

Melanie Nathan, Executive Director of African HRC makes the following statement with regard to Donald Trump’s latest threat directed at the caravan of asylum seekers making their way through Central America toward the United States border:

“The African Human Rights Coalition stands in solidarity with the caravan of asylum seekers, as well as anyone making the imperative and perilous journey to seek refuge in the United Sates, the land of the free and the country with a promise of great opportunity.

In our solidarity we condemn anyone who may stand in the way of the right to seek asylum.  In particular we condemn U.S. President Trump’s scapegoating of these asylum seekers for his political purposes, through untruthful fearmongering directed to win voter’s support for Republican candidates during the November midterm elections.

In a plan announced this week, Trump proposed completely closing down asylum to people who arrive at places of entry, citing he will increase detention holdings through the building of tent cities. This is a shameful, racist, un-American political stunt and a direct assault on all asylum seekers and refugees. Its cruelty places women, mothers, fathers and children escaping violence in danger.  The unconscionable threat promotes the idea that all asylum seekers and refugees are unworthy of American soil and the due process we have promised. This attitude and possible action leads to danger for all asylum seekers, including the very marginalized constituency of LGBTQI people seeking to escape persecution by criminalizing governments and the resulting persecution.

This does not only impact the foreigner who should be welcomed to our land, it also impacts all Americans, as through this unconscionable behavior Trump is reflecting that he does not understand the U.S. Constitution, the ideals of democracy and our commitment as Americans to human rights and related global treatise. It demonstrates that he is willing to fail his oath of office. This is a danger to us all. Please speak out!”

P.S. Donald Trump is lying: The likelihood of Muslims, Arab speaking persons, or “terrorist” anti-American among this caravan is Zero! Zero! Zero!  This fear mongering is beyond reprehensible and it would take one helluva stupid person to believe it.


10 thoughts on “Speaking Out Against Trump Asylum Seeker Political Stunt

  1. Melanie,

    Those with valid claims should be allowed in — once their claim is adjudicated. Meanwhile, they can wait in camps that Mexico will set u for them in Mexico.

    Their claims are in doubt, however. Fleeing gang violence or economic poverty are legally not valid qualifications for asylum or refugee status. For the rest of the “caravan,” if they are in Mexico, they are safe and can apply for asylum and refugee status there. Mexico has offered this.

    1. They cannot claim asylum in USA unless they enter US soil or come to border. The defensive form of asylum – you have to apply for at a border entry/ in the USA. They have a right to seek such in the USA and do not have to settle for Mexico. They are not necessarily safe in Mexico.- each case must be judged on its own merits.Fleeing Gang violence is a consideration – but poverty is not.

      1. I have no objection to them coming to a port of entry to submit their claim – and wait in Mexico. Those interviewed on TV said they are coming here for “a better life” and because of gang violence — which are not valid reasons for a lawful asylum claim.

        As to being safe, they are equally unsafe in the USA where MS-13 was founded and where high crime flourishes in inner-city areas.

        I simply have no money to support them, and I have no wish for them to fade into the woodwork and be like 32% of asylum seekers who never show up for their hearings.

        Those of us who are Republicans are vilified as “Evil, mean, greedy, or racist” for being the Adults in the Room and asking, “Where does this end?” and “Who’s going to pay for this?” If we let everyone in and offer to provide free food, clothing, medication and education, why would the 420,000,000 people living in South America and the Ten’s Of millions of people living in Latin and Central America not converge on the USA?

        These are questions that pro-migrant advocates never answer.

        1. THEM!!!!! THEY!!!!! Okay will no doubt be the ones supporting you through their contribution to society which is via taxes and labor- much needed labor, Their children may be the next Bill Gates or Marie Curie….. There is no generalizing . Do not pronounce on their safety until you live in their shoes…. We have laws and obligations. There us plenty of room and plenty to go around. you do not need to feel deprived because you may be helping a few people for a short while…..

          1. Melanie,

            In fairness to me, I think you know the “them” and “they” are the caravan members. Those pronouns are normally used with human beings and not objects or animals, so I would certainly use them for these human beings.

            If you want to change the laws, “Go in peace: go to Congress.” But that’s the law. We have a lawful immigration system that welcomes more than 1 million lawful immigrants, every year, and at east 55,000 refugees. Most come from africa, Asia and the Americas – those “brown-skinned people” you think we are racist against. Fleeing violence and poverty are NOT lawful grounds for admission as a refugee or asylum seekers. My most liberal friend is an immigration attorney in LA and confidently agrees – and would love to change
            The law.

            But your unilateral conclusion is not DEMOCRACY and threatens our system worse than some of President Trump’s worst rants.

            Your conclusion also has no basis in reality. If we let anyone who wants to come in do so, where does this end? I’m reminded of the old Christian charity ad that starts with “1.9 Billion people will go to bed hungry, tonight, all around the world.”

            Where will we keep them and how will we feed them? Do you think we have 1.9 Billion jobs?

            If you are going to give out free medical care, does that mean every man,woman and child with cancer, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, etc. is coming here, as well? How will we pay for this?

            And how much are you estimating this will cost?

            Thanks for your time, but until you answer these questions, America will never buy it.

            1. What you do not understand is that it is not ANYONE…. nor EVERYONE coming into the USA. Its asylum seekers to whom we have an obligation. I do not turn my back on that. As a patriotic American its my duty to speak up for Democracy, the rule of law and our Constitution. Thats the OATH I took when I was naturalized. {perhaps every American should go through a naturalization process – just so you all get in touch with an oath!
              And no its not a unilateral declaration – Trump is defecating on democracy any chance he can in his dicta policy and actions . I am upholding it in my dicta- thats all I have -!

              1. Melanie,

                I fully, 100% support valid asylum seekers and refugees, from Coptic Christians fleeing Egypt to gay men fleeing persecution in Iran.

                But 9/10’s of the caravan members interviewed expressed no interest in asylum, but to come to America “for a better life.”

                And Mexico offered them refugee status, the right to stay and benefits. At that point, they were no longer in need of a country to take them in.

                Please: when we confuse economic migrants with legitimate refugees, we hurt and undermine the real refugee system. We take away jobs and benefits that should go to real asylees.

                You don’t have to post what I am writing, but thanks for listening.

                1. How can you not understand that a “better life” is a way of expressing oneself when persecuted. Its up to our due process to decide who is legitimate or not – not up to you or me based on how people express themselves. To this nd we OWE them NOT to lump them all together validating Trump’s scapegoating and using them as political tools. I have worked on those borders. The standard in the adjudication system for defensive asylum is tough . If they do not have a case and our here ONLy because its a better life, they will not get their asylum. There is a 1-8% grant rate. Just leave them be for the process and stop the attacks !!!!!

  2. Is that 1-8% valid asylum claims? I think it’s a bit higher than that, but then what do you do with the 32% who never even bother showing up for their hearings?

    They may wait in camps in Mexico or we may detain them, here in the USA. Either way is fine, but Expensive.

    1. I am talking about defensive hearings with people in detention. trust me they show up- no choice but to!!!!

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