Women Flood the US Capitol with Mass Sit-Ins, Chanting Ahead of Kavanaugh Vote

Hundreds arrested for taking over the US Capitol steps as women and survivors promise: this is only the beginning

Washington, D.C. — Today, after weeks of survivors turning their pain into action and building grassroots power across the country, thousands of women flooded the US Capitol to protest just moments before the final vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Women began arriving before 9am to train in non-violent direct action, learn basic self-defense, and create space to tell survivor stories in the midst of the latest #MeToo wave.

Nearly 1,000 women, survivors, and allies present marched right over police barricades to take over the East Steps of the US Capitol, peacefully — but not passively — dissenting the vote before hundreds were arrested and taken away. Hundreds also took over the street in front of the Supreme Court, but police declined to arrest anyone as their numbers were too great.

Rachel Carmona, Women’s March Chief Operating Officer, commented from the protests:

“GOP leadership has betrayed survivors across America, but this movement is only getting stronger. Regardless of today’s vote, women will win because we have the numbers, we are organized, and our lives are on the line. Today, women flooded the US Capitol. In November, we will flood the polls to ensure a wave of representation. In January, we will march with our new elected representatives for true equality for women, immigrants, LGBTQ folks, disabled folks, and all of us.”

Women chanted in support of those getting arrested “Believe Survivors” and “November is Coming.” They held signs such as “KavaNope” and “I’m a Survivor and I Vote.”

Women’s March plans to spend the next month mobilizing members through targeted actions to register and turn out women, survivors, students, formerly incarcerated folks, and allies to ensure a wave of representation in November. But that’s not enough: following the November wave, Women’s March is planning a giant march on Washington for the group’s 2nd anniversary. The group will march with newly elected members of the movement for a bold agenda for equity for all women — including LGBTQ folks, people of color, disabled folks, immigrants, people of all religions, and marginalized people everywhere.

After Trump announced his nominee in July, Women’s March members spent the rest of the summer visiting Senate district offices all over the country to #CancelKavanaugh. Women’s March co-chairs Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland were among the first arrested during the Kavanaugh hearings on September 4th. Nearly one thousand women, survivors, and allies have been arrested for engaging in their constitutional right to peacefully protest, and survivors have hosted solidarity speak outs in 30 states in front of Senate Offices.


See photos and video of today’s action via Women’s March Twitter:

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