Marin DA Candidate Promises Reform for Outrageous Sexual Assault Hotline

By Melanie Nathan.

“When survivors come forward the very least we can do is pick up the phone!” Anna Pletcher.

San Anselmo -As my friends and followers  in Marin may know I support Anna Pletcher for Marin County District Attorney. That role could not be more important than now, when the issue of sexual assault and how victims and survivors are treated by law enforcement, is being unmasked for change.

We are noticing the old guard is a fail, as exemplified by the Kavanaugh hearings, and their attitude of dismissal toward sexual assault victims and survivors. It has been an eye opener for many of us to see how Republican Senators and Representatives are dismissive of victims, even in this heightened atmosphere screaming for change.   Sexual assault should never be a political issue. However we are forced to see it as such when basic systems are not in place to assert that victims are treated with the utmost respect and understanding.

Anna Pletcher says:

“We must do better.,” the  it comes to treating victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She notes that “respect and compassion starts in our local communities. “

This is why she was outraged to find out that currently, the sexual assault hotline run by the DA’s office in Marin sends victims to a pre-recorded message. 

“When survivors come forward the very least we can do is pick up the phone!” She asserts.

Anna’s opponent currently works in the DA’s office.   It is for many related reasons that I support Anna’s fresh outlook and the reforms promised by her candidacy.

Since the start of her campaign, Anna has been a proponent for bringing rape kits back to Marin. Imagine, we live in a county, with plenty of resources, that cannot even offer its residents a rape test, without having to travel out of County, for many more excruciating miles. We fail to meet the most basic law enforcement standards and victim support requirements.

Please watch this video and hear the DA office message for yourself. It is eerie,scary, alienating. If I were ever in that situation, G-d forbid, I would not leave a message.

Here is the link:

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 4.33.40 PM.png

Please support Anna Pletcher – she will bring the Marin DA’s office into this Century!

BY MELANIE NATHAN, mostly a mom!
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