Brett Kavanaugh is a Conduct Unbecoming Liar and should not be on ANY Court Bench

By Melanie Nathan,


“I know one thing for sure that if he is nominated to SCOTUS American woman will riot and burn this place down – and you can decide whether that is metaphorical or literal – let us see! So regardless Patriarchy, your days are numbered!” Melanie Nathan.

When Donald Trump first nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people and other minorities felt threatened: For good reason. It seemed bad then. It is a lot worse now. What has come to light through hearings and accusations, beyond the trail of disqualifying judicial opinion, is so mind blowing, it evidences the need to remove that man from any and every bench – at the very least, not confirming him to the Supreme Court of the United States.

As Kavanaugh’s road to confirmation played out (and continues to play out), we have come to realize that in the history of this Country never before has there been such a dangerous choice for the Supreme Court of the United States of America. As the Judge himself devolved into an hysterical teenage boy, we now realize he is not fit for any bench at all.

This confirmation process is now at the much-publicized point: Notwithstanding the 11-10 vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee which gave a green light for a Senate Floor vote in exchange for one Republican Senator’s condition – Senator Jeff Flake’s condition was that a one-week FBI investigation ensue on sexual assault allegations, pending that floor vote.  What astounding, unprecedented confusion and drama to get to this point!

As I write, it is unfathomable that some Senators such as those wielding swing votes are still undecided. FBI investigation or not, mere judicial temperament disqualifies that man and calls for a much deeper look into his current bench responsibilities. The latter is what we should be talking about at this time. We should be way beyond the idea that this man could serve on the Supreme Court as a Justice.  All it would take would be for these Senators to come out and say, “We will vote NO!”

Here they are by Twitter address:


When first named by Trump, Kavanaugh was hailed in now nauseatingly familiar Trump hyperbole, as the most qualified ever, the “greatest,” “most decent” man and even after the riveting, assured, and decidedly credible, testimony of sexual assault accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Trump continued to describe Kavanaugh as the “gem” who had been “unfairly maligned” and as a “great guy” and a “great man,” and more. His base and sycophant Senators continue in the same vein; thereby, dismissing and invalidating tens of thousands of sexual assault survivors around this country.

Conduct Unbecoming:

Now those words slam in the face of all who may support him, as an unraveled, contentious, blustering liar, who defies qualification of any of Judgeships, past, present, and future. As a friend of mine from South Africa so eloquently observed after watching the week’s jaw-drop Kavanaugh opening statement before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on South African TV:

“Never have I seen such a classic example of the mask slipping off and the plane over shooting the runway!”

So enlightening that a foreigner perceives that which those closer to home choose to ignore.

At this point, it is just stunning that any decent person could think that this man is worthy of a job as a judge – anywhere and in any court of law! Lest we forget that this process of confirmation is not one that would conclude whether Kavanaugh is guilty of a crime or not, but rather one that determines whether he is fit for the job at hand. And here we have evidence that he does not have the temperament to handle any bench. He has truly been unmasked.

The conduct unbecoming was so astounding that Kavanaugh turned out to be as much of a trigger for sexual assault survivors, if not more for some, as was the testimony of Dr. Blasey Ford. One such survivor is Danielle Campoamor, who wrote this in an extremely moving reflection on the impact of the hearing:

“Across the country, as Christine Blasey Ford was re-living her own trauma, survivors of sexual assault were undoubtedly re-living their own assaults and enduring symptoms of PTSD. I was re-living mine. … Kavanaugh’s opening statement vigorously denying the allegations against him was also triggering, but in a very different way. His overt anger, his unapologetic willingness to yell and, at times, cut off sitting senators, provoked a palpable physical response I was powerless to control. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, my heart rate elevated, and I had a sudden urge to leave my place of work as soon as possible — a place that on any other day makes me feel safe. …..”

When Kavanaugh testified, I was shocked! I was astounded that a man who in getting this far up the judicial ladder, where I presume he maintained decency and decorum in his own courtroom along the way, could stand so nakedly fucked up in front of the world. In getting this far, he obviously has had and applied, an expectation of courtroom decorum in his own court. Yet he was so impulsive and so bad mannered that he was incapable of displaying the same decorum in the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was discourteous, rude, combative, reactive, and refused to answer questions directly. All those basics he expected from others flew out the window when applied to himself. I thought, my G-d, this man has an entitlement so steeped in privilege, he is absolutely unqualified to adjudicate for those of us who do not share it!

It is clear that Kavanaugh’s character unmasking displayed one of a violent perpetrator – evidence in and of itself.

While watching the hearing, I commented in real time the moment I saw Kavanaugh devolve:

Besides the unravelling, the entitlement displayed is insidious. It is tantamount to a flagrant overt statement, that in effect establishes and says to America:


I am not you
I am special
I am better than you
Your rules are not my rules
Women – well fuck you – I get to decide and rule on your bodies
LGBT fuck you – I get equality you do not
People of Color – my vote is bigger and more important than yours
Everyone who does not look like me is a second class citizen – and that includes my own wife and daughters because I am paterfamilias in the true Roman sense of the word – I rule the household
Rich people – I am with you – you helped to pay my $200,000 debt- FUCK poor people, I will rule against their interests –
I will throw a tantrum when I do not get my own way
I will talk over Senators, especially the female ones
I get to ask the questions, Senator, NOT YOU!
I won’t watch THAT WOMAN’s testimony against me – because she should not be speaking anyway!
How dare anyone interfere with MY JOB!

Here is my chart- done right after the hearing – comparing the Professor, as witness to the Judge, as witness at the hearing:

And then us women are not alone in our opinion, many men get it too, with this one small example of the myriad if articles and social media comments out there:

“What America saw before the Senate Judiciary Committee was an injudicious man, an angry brat veering from fury to sniveling sobs, a judge so bereft of composure and proportion that it was difficult not to squirm. Brett Kavanaugh actually got teary over keeping a calendar because that’s what his dad did. His performance was right out of Norman Rockwell with a touch of “Mad Men.”” Roger Cohen.

So all said and done, in conclusion:

Anger, aggression, entitlement, rudeness, disrespect, impulsivity, irrationality, partisanship, conspiracy theories – zero judicial temperament – all unnerving to the observer – very telling – and indeed CONDUCT UNBECOMING of any a Judge!

Merely by virtue of the slip of the mask and his conduct unbecoming, this is where we OUGHT to be: Swing Senators must immediately inform Mitch McConnel that they will vote “NO” and an investigation into Kavanaugh’s ability to serve as a judge at all, must ensue immediately.

However we know that in Kavanaugh’s opening statement he blasted out a screaming partisan trumpet call to TRUMP and the BASE and all the Trump Republicans (which at this point seem to include 99% of the Republican Senators and House representatives), in so friendly and emotive a fashion, that they now know once on the bench he is HAD – he is their BOY! Of course decency is superseded by agenda. And so this leads to what is left to scrutinize – THE LIAR!

Kavanaugh The Liar:

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook post:

From Stanford University Professor Joel Beinen:

Here are some of the major lies that Kavanaugh has told:

1. He lied about Devil’s Triangle. A Devil’s Triangle is two different kinds of sexual acts, involving either a threesome, or three types of sexual intercourse with one woman in one night. It is not a drinking game. He lied about this several times and his classmates have called him out.

2. He lied about “bouf,” which refers to anal intercourse, and not flatulence. He doubled down on this lie several times during testimony.

3. He lied about “Renata Alumnius.” That referred to him going on a date with the purported class “slut.” It was not about being her friend (and she recently said she was horrified by his yearbook references.) His testimony directly contradicts a poem about Renata written by one of his close friends found in the same yearbook he refers to himself as a Renata Alumnius, portraying Renata as a cheap and sleazy date.

4. He lied that the “Beach Week Ralph Club,” which refers to vomiting from drinking at a traditional beach week (which all the schools around here have–we all know the expression). He lied and said it referred to his weak stomach.

5. He lied under oath about not watching Ford’s testimony. Today. Witnesses saw him watching it. The Wall Street Journal reported he was watching it with others in the Senate’s Dirksen Office Building. There are many press stories on this.

6. He lied about not knowing about stolen emails from the Democratic members of the judicial committee. He knew the emails were stolen and confirmed it in the emails the Judicial Committee republicans tried to suppress. The Washington Post gave him three pinocchios for this lie.

7. He lied about witnesses supporting his claims. They did not support his claims as he characterized their testimony. They generally supplied brief statements through lawyers about not remembering the party. This was no testimony. This was no independent investigation.

8. More specifically, Ford and Kavanaugh’s mutual friend Leland Kaiser says while she does not remember that party, but she believes everything her friend Ford said about it. She has stated this to the press and it came up in testimony today.

9. Kavanugh lied about his drinking. He drank a lot in the last year of high school and college (and several witnesses say he drank a lot for years afterwards). Several friends of mine who specialize in alcoholism said he exhibited signs of having drunk before this hearing. He was referred to by his college roommate as a sloppy and belligerent drunk. We saw glimpses of that belligerence today. Dozens of his contemporaries have confirmed how aggressive he becomes with drinking.

10. He lied that never drunk on weekdays in the summer of 1982. In his own calendar, he referred to “skis,” which he admitted refer to “brewskis,” with Mark and PJ on Thursday July 1 in a calendar entry that matches closely Ford’s account. Most of the people in that list were the same mentioned by Ford in her testimony. He drank. On that Thursday night. After working out.

11. He lied about Judge not remembering what happened. Six weeks after the incident, probably mid-August 1982, Ford reported seeing Judge at the Potomac Safeway in River Road near where we live. Local newspapers have confirmed that Judge worked there at the time Ford said. No one has refuted her testimony that Judge was “nervous” and had “turned white.” The committee is still refusing to interview or depose or subpoena Judge.

12. He lied that “100 kegs or bust” did not indicate a lot of drinking in 1982-3. He was part of a group endeavoring to drink 100 kegs that year, and his best friend became a serious alcoholic and admitted to sexual assault resembling this assault during that period to his girlfriend. His girlfriend was also not deposed by the committee.

13. He lied about Trump in the first line of his first press conference as nominee. He lied about Trump doing more vetting than for any other Supreme Court nominee in modern history. In fact, Trump vetted much much less than other modern President’s, admittedly working from short lists provided by two conservative think tanks, which he announced in advance he would limit his choice to. Several books have confirmed that Trump spent little time on the vetting.

14. He lied that he is “open to any investigation.” He is not and is actively participating in blocking the testimony of eye witness Mark Judge, his girlfiend, and other participants. Judge is hiding out in a beach house on the eastern shore and Judge being interviewed by the FBI. Kavanaugh is actively involved in strategizing about evidence suppression, at all day strategy meetings with Trump’s lawyers.

15. He lied about the nature of Mark’s book. He said that both it was part of his therapy and coming clean as an alcoholic and drug addict, and called the book “fictional.” It can’t be both a testimonial of a recovering alcoholic and fictional at the same time.

16. He refuses to answer the question again and again about whether or not there should be an investigation and whether or not his friend Mark Judge should be questioned, further belying that he is “open to investigation.”

17. He is lying about whether he was the “Bart O’Kavanaugh” in Mark Judge’s book. He knows the drunken and vomiting “O’Kavanaugh” is him.

18. He is lying about never having forgot anything about the night after a night of drinking. There are several testimonials from classmates to this effect.

19. He is lying that there is a conspiracy against him and that Ford’s charges are trumped up and part of that conspiracy. The best evidence of no conspiracy is how his high school classmate Gorsuch–they were one year about apart at Georgetown Prep–was subject to no such conspiracy, in confirmation hearings just months ago. Gorsuch is honorable. Judge is lying.

20. Kavanaugh supporter Whelan helped concoct the story of other men taking credit for assaulting Ford. Whelan has deleted all of his tweets after being challenged on the completely bogus stories he was advancing by his colleagues. The dissembling tweets are gone.

Senator Blumenthal quoted the legal principle “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, which is a legal principle that dictates jurors can rule a witness to be false in everything if he says one thing that is not true.”

If you believe any of the above is correct, you have to come to the conclusion that Kavanaugh is lying and should not be confirmed.

A Supreme Court Justice who can’t keep it together during the biggest job interview in his life, and who cannot keep his facts straight and tell the truth shouldn’t be hired.

Why is Kavanaugh lying about things that might be  perceived as petty from 36 years ago? I think he is lying because those very characteristics and problems have followed him into the now! I would not be surprised if he bears strong memories of his bad behavior and continues his drunken habits, albeit masked and behind closed doors, at this time. So many people are willing to cop to their youthful indiscretions and bad habits, but not Kavanaugh! He is just that choir boy he tried to forge on his FOX TV interview just before the unmasking.

And then there are a host of lies from his first appearance in front of the Committee. And the lies yet to be revealed through the current FBI supplemental investigation. The lies are all over the internet – with a myriad of reasons why this man should never see the light of SCOTUS. In ultimate conclusion it does not take a genius, but rather a decent patriotic American, to realize that this nomination must ultimately result in the expulsion of Kavanaugh from any bench where he sits masking his true character and warped soul. The man needs help and healing: But first he needs to admit, take responsibility, and apologize!

When he has the courage to embrace his healing, perhaps America will too. Regardless, we will be able to look back to this day as a pivotal time in our history where opportunity for knocking that paterfamilias off his pedestal arrived. Will we or won’t we through this process?   I know one thing for sure, that if he is nominated to SCOTUS American woman will riot and burn this place down – and you can decide whether that is metaphorical or literal – let us see! So regardless Patriarchy, your days are numbered!

More reading about Kavanaugh lies:

Kavanaugh repeatedly lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee.:…/kavanaugh-lied-senate-judiciary-committee.html Kavanaugh Lied to the Judiciary Committee—Repeatedly … A List of Everyone the FBI Could Interview About Brett Kavanaugh if They Really …

Here’s where Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony was misleading or wrong…/heres-where-kavanaughs-sworn-testimony-was-misl… “Some of you were lying in wait and had it ready. … It’s hard to judge how detailed the attendee lists presented on Kavanaugh’s calendar are, …

Every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question, in one chart – Vox…/kavanaugh-ford-question-dodge-hearing-chart There were several noticeable differences between the Senate testimony of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman …


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  1. Great encapsulation, OBD! So very comprehensive and insightful! Should be published to a wider audience though! Thank you for your advocacy!

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    ‘What has come to light through hearings and accusations, beyond the trail of disqualifying judicial opinion, is so mind blowing, it evidences the need to remove that man from any and every bench – at the very least, not confirming him to the Supreme Court of the United States.’

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