Marin County | California Voting My Recommendations and Endorsements

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.45.32 PM.pngMany of you have received your mail in ballots for the coming June 05, 2018 election. I want to stress the importance of voting for ALL and to take note of the down ballot as well as the top of the ballot races.  Every office up for election plays an important part in the workings of our Country, State and County.  If you are voting in person on June 05, please check back here to check if I have filled in any of my blanks!   Or changed my mind on propositions. I will not change my mind on endorsements. So with no further ado here are my  recommendations and endorsements, with commentary only on my endorsements.

Governor: Gavin Newsom  – endorsed

Lieutenant Governor:
Eleni Kounalakis

Secretary of State:
Alex Padilla

Betty Yee

Fiona Ma

Attorney General: I am still unsure – check back with me!

San Francisco Mayor:
Mark Leno – endorsed.*

San Francisco Board of Supervisors:  District 8:
Rafael Mandelman District 8- endorsed.*

Insurance Commission:
Ricardo Lara

State Board of Equalization District 2:
Malia Cohen – endorsed.

US Senator:
Diane Feinstein –

US House of Representatives 2nd District:
Jared Huffman –
Jared is doing a great job representing us in Congress, he will go from strength to strength.

State Assembly 10th District:
Marc Levine. ( I am still looking into all his positions)

Note:A community member who is not recommending Marc, noted the following and I feel that I am not vested enough to ignore her comments: “Member of State Assembly, 10th District: Dan Monte!
Although our incumbent Marc Levine is a sure thing, I’m voting for Dan because I believe in his platform/focus and because I don’t think we’re well served by Marc. I’ve got a long list of reasons I don’t support Marc, among them his tendency to abstain from ‘controversial’ progressive votes. Another is his disrespect for his constituents. Dan’s integrity and strong progressive voice/agenda, with a focus on Healthcare for All (Single-Payer Healthcare), is a much better option than Marc’s conservative bent. “

State Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Tony Thurmond

Marin County Superintendent of Schools: Mary Jane Burke – endorsed

County Supervisor District 5 (Novato):
I HAVE NO POSITION (out of my district)

Shelly Scott –

Very strong endorsement and important you do not ignore this vote. In my opinion Shelley is the ONLY qualified person for this important job. One of the other candidates is not qualified and the other just parachuted into Marin in March hoping for the job!

District Attorney:
Anna Pletcher –

Very strong endorsement. Anna’s heart in social justice and experience as a Federal prosecutor with much community service and management expertise makes her an absolute necessity – to overhaul our iniquitous stale DA office! As chief law enforcement person in our County it is noteworthy that a woman has not held this office in decades. The other woman in the race, Lori, has worked as a deputy DA in this office and is an insider! Lori, representing the old, noted in a forum that I attended that wants to “regain the community trust”  in the office of the DA. This is quite an admission.   Lori is part of the old guard,  I believe the only way the office can advance and evolve especially on the issue of racial equity and the only way the community can recoup its trust in the DA, is to ensure fresh new experienced leadership, with bold and innovative ideas and that would be Anna Pletcher. Its time for Marin to wake up and walk its talk in every respect.

Sheriff-Coroner: contest AND no vote… NOT VOTING FOR DOYLE! Can someone else please run next time!

Measures Submitted to the Voters (Propositions):
Prop 68: YES
Prop 69: YES
Prop 70: NO
Prop 71: NO

Bay Area Toll Authority:
Regional Measure 3 – Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan (Bridge Toll Increase): NO

* I dont have a vote – however endorse!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.45.32 PM


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