Is Stein Extorting the Grief Stricken


Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 12.57.40 PM.pngI am not one of those Democrats or progressives willing to laud Dr. Jill Stein for her apparent successful fund raise, a frenzy, collecting over five million dollars for a vote recount in three battleground states — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — apparently to “find the truth” about the election before it is certified.  Her veiled motive not so pure, as she extorts the grief stricken – to alter her slot in history – and THAT IS my opinion.

The amount Stein, a Green Party presidential candidate raised, in mere days, post election, is almost double the entire amount she raised for her own presidential campaign over many months, which was only  $3,509,477 reported on Stein’s final October 19 campaign finance report.

Well not surprising as she invades the psyche of grief stricken Hillary Clinton supporters – fifty-million-plus voters, all terrified at the looming Trump presidency.

New York Magazine reported that a group of computer scientists and election lawyers urged the Clinton campaign to challenge the election results in the three states Stein is now hoping to challenge. It seems the Clinton Campaign is not taking its own steps to pursue this. Yet Stein is. Why?

Stein noted in a CNN interview that she simply wanted to get to the truth and believes the American people are owed correct results. She is right – what an excellent response – a pure motive indeed. But I have no trust in Stein or her motives. I see her as a true breed narcissist, a hypocrite. The latter substantiated by much online revelation and critique during her campaign run.

In my estimation she does not want to go out with a failed political career – sentenced to the political electric chair – switch pulled by progressives, Nader style… but rather a hero!

And so many of you progressives and Democrats have fallen for the ploy. You are feeding the coffers of narcissism.

Lest we forget that when we see Stein as a Hillary Clinton and Democratic presidential spoiler, it is not only about the votes Stein took from Clinton – perhaps too few to truly impact the result, but rather the awful denigration and lies she subscribed to, in her campaign rhetoric, which added to the Hillary hate milieu, keeping many from voting, and sending some unlikely progressives Trump’s way!    Stein picked up on the pool of misinformation being spread by the Trump campaign and being progressive, twisted the knife and then added salt to the wounds. 

When Stein first entered the presidential race, I saw her as nothing more than a vulture- sweeping in to feed off the carcass of someone else’s kill.  Then I saw her as the killer pretending to be the mere vulture.  You cannot get more despicable than that!   Now she is also feeding off the grief of those who lost offspring to the slaughter!

So no Stein was never a true friend to progressive America – she hurt us! And so I for one will not subscribe to her attempt to alter perception – I will remember her as the phony narcissistic hypocrite she is – who seeks to manipulate your perception – veiling her failings – with the hope of redemption through a perception of decency when reviewed historically –  and all of this  by sordidly tapping into your grief.


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