U.S. Pastor Uses Tel Aviv Pride In Antisemitic Tirade

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.21.12 AMA prominent Pastor from Alabama seems to be having a hissy-fit that smacks of homophobia and antisemitism.

Ricky White, Pastor at House of Refuge, from Haleyville, Alabama is expressing his dismay about the fact that Israel, the Holy Land, has accepted gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual folk, to such a degree, that it was able to accommodate a Gay Pride Parade and festival attended by over 200,000 people.  Somehow, in the Pastor’s mind, this may have all to do with the fact that the Jews have yet to embrace Jesus as their lord and savior?  Well … who knows what the hell he is actually talking about ….

Perhaps more shocking than the Pastor’s shock is the fact that he seems to have a hard time expressing himself coherently with writing skills that would not pass the third grade:

“Tel Aviv the gay pride city of the middle east is in Israel had 200, 000 gay pride activist in a parade! They organize it in 1998 ! That a mockery to jehovah God n Israel the natural seed, you are backslidden n the true Israel is in Jesus n the born again Jew n gentile is the Israel of God grafted into jesus Christ n we haven’t replace the natural seed Israel but the true Israel is in God ! You believe in the Zionist moment , why don’t they tell the prime minister n the people about Jesus! The gospel came to the Jew first n then the gentile! It has been fulfilled at pentecost n then after Stephen death!Jew n gentile have become one in Christ Jesus! The born again is the elect of God! The apostate Jew that are not born again n the fallen away Christian are apostates ! Rothschild the apostate Jews! Prophecy when God speak can tell you what he going to do n the devil! Discern by the spirit of God n he will reveal the word! We have not witness to the people of Israel n many are lost!”


Indeed the incoherent language may result in numerous interpretations of what the Pastor is attempting to say – and perhaps the Pastor himself would like an opportunity to express himself more clearly, but as a lesbian Jewish activists who supports Israel’s journey to equality for LGBT people, I was struck by the link he attempts to make between Jewish acceptance of  gays and the fact Jews do not worship Jesus Christ.

He seems to think that if the Prime Minister of Israel and Israelis get to hear about Jesus, they would be cured of their acceptance of LGBT people.

I am not going to attempt to interpret this further, save to say that when I read it find it to be homophobic and antisemitic.

This is what the Alabama Baptist website notes:

Ricky White has retired after more than 40 years in the ministry. Most recently, White was pastor of Hamilton Baptist Church, Robertsdale, in Baldwin Baptist Association, serving there for seven years.

During a reception July 27, the church presented him with a retirement gift — money to go to the Holy Land.

White plans to spend his retirement traveling and spending time with wife Carol, their three adult children and their eight grandchildren.

In addition to Hamilton Baptist, he served eight churches in Mississippi and four in Florida. White received a master’s degree in pastoral ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a bachelor of arts from William Carey College (now William Carey University) in Hattiesburg, Miss.

At this time it seems as if there is some new ministering going on over here at the House of Refuge.


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