Panel Discussion Blasts LGBT Organizations for Racism


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.13.09 AMWASHINGTON, D.C. – Former NFL player Michael Sam was the first openly gay man drafted in NFL history. Today on TV One’s News One Now, his recent comments surrounding racism in the gay community sparked a heated conversation.  Host and managing editor Roland S. Martin blasted LGBT equality groups for failing to acknowledge the primary concerns and issues of the Black community.

To watch the conversation on racism within the gay community, please click HERE.

Political and Social Commentator Jasmyne Cannick added:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.11.49 AM“HRC, GLAAD, the Task Force – all of these organizations have traditionally never been concerned with Black people’s issues. For them, it’s been a white male led movement. You have to remember for them, the last thing they needed to feel complete, because they already had the jobs, homes, the wealth and everything else was always marriage. But as Black people, we continue to struggle with making sure our kids get into school, making sure we can get a job, making sure we have some place to live and the gay and lesbian movement, they have never traditionally looked at all of those issues. They’ve only always focused on what their immediate ceiling was.”

Martin responded by leading a robust conversation with guests and panelists:

  • Noel Gordon, HRC Senior Specialist
  • Dr. Cleo Manago, CEO, Black Men’s Xchange
  • Dru Ealons, National Director for Advocacy and Public Policy, Mocha Moms
  • Andrew Lee, Republican Strategist
  • Angela Peoples, Co-Director, GetEqual
  • Dr. Gregg Carr, Chair, Department of Afro-American Studies, Howard University

Ealons then introduced the topic of intersectionality, the overlapping of social categorizations such as race, class and gender:

”It just exposes the inherit racism that is built and part of the fabric of this country. No matter what, even in every movement, I am Black first and I will always be Black first. While we keep talking about wanting to be colorblind, don’t negate my color.  I am proud to be a Black person; my color, my issues.”

To watch the conversation on racism within the gay community, please click HERE.

Note San Francisco Pride:

This year SF Pride is embracing these issues head on with its 2016 parade theme: For Racial and Economic Justice. SF Pride announced that Black lives Matter (BLM) was voted by the San Francisco LGBT community as this years Pride Organizational Grand Marshall.


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One thought on “Panel Discussion Blasts LGBT Organizations for Racism

  1. What’s the problem you say…If you aren’t black you haven’t experienced it .. and unless you are adult and empathetic you still won’t understand…HERE IT IS in a nutshell…QUOTE Jasmyne Carrick…
    …AND by adult I mean in the Erikson Psychosocial Development model, not chronological age. Currently I believe ALL Republicans are only at Level 4 and 90% of their base only at level 2 or 3..

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