Playbill Kenyan Slaughter Stars Scott Lively, Matthew McLaughlin with Mohammed Kuno

The inhumanity is all the same

By Melanie Nathan, April 4, 2015.

kenya garissa massacre students

Slaughtered by extremists –

Here lies 148 students and teachers…..

What kind of human slaughters another unarmed human in cold blood?  A bullet to each head?

What kind of human calls for the bullet to the head of all Christians?

What kind of human calls for a bullet to the head of all Gays?

In the name of religion…

What is the difference?

Sorting Christians from Muslims –  BAM – life ends

Sorting Gays from Christians – BAM- life ends

We have lost our humanity to religion’s extremes

Were we not all of one world – the world of humanity..and now… is all lost on hate embroiled in religious extremism?

Lying dead in pools of blood – a bullet to the head -Christians at the HANDS of Kuno

Gays-  in the MIND of Huntington Beach attorney Matthew McLaughlin  or would be Pastor Scott Lively?

When one loses his humanity the rest of the world loses its humanity too…..

It sets off and perpetuates the cycle of hate and revenge and the carnage never ends

What do we do when extremists use their so called faith to destroy us all?

How dare anyone think another should share his faith and not be worthy of life unless he does?

What makes one’s faith more true than that of others ? A pool of Blood?

How is Scott Lively and David Bahati and Matthew McLaughlin any different from Mohammed Kuno?  Lively and Bahati (backed by hundreds of Ugandan Politicians) called for the death of all gays in the name of Christianity!  al-Shabab  and ISIS want Christians dead in the name of Islam.

And what is the difference when we all lose our humanity?

And now –

Somalia’s Islamic extremist group al-Shabab warns of more attacks in Kenya like this assault on Garissa University College

And ISIS burns and beheads

And as Fundamentalist Christians still scream for the blood of gays

to the drumbeat of Cruz and Huckabee – a hateful rhetoric fuels a fire no different to that of al-Shabab or ISIS…

its all the same…. surely….

Mohanmmed Kano

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 8.05.44 PM

6 thoughts on “Playbill Kenyan Slaughter Stars Scott Lively, Matthew McLaughlin with Mohammed Kuno

  1. Its mortifying, that some of these people on the list like (BAD -HEART) will only put pen on paper and have millions dead.

  2. Cowardly dogs!

    How horrific…and these young people are there to learn, to hopefully become educated & capable of leaving sub-standard conditions, a bright future possible…then this.


    1. Do you know what, Melanie?

      We’re dealing with sociopaths, for the most part. I think the average person believes socio/psychopaths are rare….the reality is that they are actually running the show. These types of personalities are engaging, seek power over others, & most people have no idea they are in such abundance. Think of any title/venue that a person might attain which lauds them for their achievements & you’ll likely find a pile of them.

      Not all achievers are sociopaths,, but all sociopaths, in some way, are achievers.

      Sociopaths are heads of banks & their supporters/investers. The supposed leaders of our world answer to the banks now. They are puppets/figureheads.

      The USA marches to war based on the banke’rs war-mongering & their ownership of the 1st-world leaders.

      Have a quick Google. It’s very bad.

      1. Power and power and a desire for more power = EXACTLY right – fits the narccicist and sociopath profiles #CRUZ

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