Still No EO Relief for LGBT Employment Discrimination Despite Biden’s ‘Barbaric’ Bomb

4 possible reasons why and call for 220+ congressional allies to do more

By Cathy Kristofferson, March 26, 2014


Following Monday’s street theatre action in front of the White House, we picked up the trail Wednesday, making trips to Vice President Biden’s home and Labor Secretary Perez’s office.

Could they influence the President to sign the federal contractor executive order or at least solve the mystery of why it hasn’t been signed?

At the Department of Labor we asked to speak with the Secretary or with someone willing to accept our delivery. Ordered through security we were hopeful about getting in. Security claimed to have called “upstairs”, conveying the message to go home, send a letter requesting a visit. Wait ‘patiently’,shared the plainclothes ‘security specialist’ in charge, Secretary is extremely busy with pressing business. We too, had pressing business to millions.

Failed to deliver:




On our way out, we thought it would be nice to get a souvenir of our poster with the photos of President, VP, and Labor Secretary on the back wall. Knowing security was a little camera shy, we only managed to steal one hurried shot before they lunged for the camera and we were sent on our way.


At the Naval Observatory (USNO) home of Vice President Biden we asked to express our thanks to the VP for speaking so passionately about our fight for rights, how far we’ve come but how far we still need to go. And once again had our delivery was refused told instead to send our thanks and our poster via postal mail.





Who in Obama’s administration holds the key to unlocking the pen that will sign the federal contractor EO?  

What could be the reason(s) for Obama refusing to sign the Executive Order, rumored to have been sitting on his desk for years. One major organization’s leader recently wondered if the answer to the mystery was among these possibilities:

“- It could cost votes in the midterm (which, given that 74% of voting Americans think it would be a good thing, is frankly ridiculous)
– The business community doesn’t like it (which, given that the Chamber of Commerce has been silent on ENDA and given that the executive order wouldn’t even be as far-reaching as ENDA, is also ridiculous)
– The religious community doesn’t like it (which could be true, since President Obama is still operating the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships with some folks on it that don’t like us LGBTs — but would be really regrettable and seems unlikely, as the director of that Council is a well-known progressive)
– The Obama Administration feels like they’ve already done enough for LGBTQ folks (which could also be true, given that LGBTQ folks close to the president seem to not be asking questions about this)”

We are all left to wonder, as Buzzfeed and The Washington Blade have found out, no one from the President’s press secretary who dodges all questions posed to the chair of the DNC who urged legislators not to sign the recent letter of support to Obama, will answer questions. Now we hear reporters are being barred from press conferences, just to keep them from asking executive order questions.

Are these people really our “allies”?

Instead of only a few of the outspoken heading to the White House fence, we urge those with greater political clout (you know who you are) to do more. It’s time for the supporters of the federal contractor Executive Order to urge the 220+ Congressional members who have signed onto the letter to be more public in their support, and do more than sign a letter and ask us for campaign contributions.

Will they have the courage to meet us at the fence?

Is there anyone or any organization who has the political connections to get all 220+ co-signers to the fence, each making a public declaration of their agreement with the Vice President that our lacking job protection is “barbaric”? Shall we arrange it for the day of the White House Pride Month LGBT Reception in June, where you we will inevitably be asked for your signature (on a DNC donation), how about we ask for the President’s too?



Biden says it’s Barbaric, so why no EO Obama?

Today activists head to the White House to find out why…

By Cathy Kristofferson, March 23, 2014

EO6Saturday night Vice President Biden spoke at the Los Angeles HRC Gala. During his speech he said that no employment protections for the LGBT community was “close to barbaric“. It’s one thing for the White House to try to heap all of the blame for that lacking on the do-nothing Congress, but we all know that 22% of America’s workforce could be protected today if Obama would just sign the federal contractor Executive Order (EO). So, why won’t he sign it? READ MORE

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