Katie Herzig says I DO support marriage equality

While NOM surreptitiously uses her music in must watch VIDEO to attract Marriage foes to rally at SCOTUS

IDoKatieHerizBy Melanie Nathan, March 15, 2013.
Updated March 19, 2013.

There are a good many fallacious tidbits surrounding the NOM rhetoric and their call to thousands of their supporters to show up in D.C. to march against marriage equality; this is one that takes the cake!

On March 26 and 27 The Supreme Court of the United States will hear arguments to protect marriage equality in the DOMA, Edie Windsor case and The California Prop 8 Case. Rallies have been planned on both sides of the argument, with UNITED FOR MARRIAGE promoting equality and NOM doing everything in its power, including Video Ads to attract supporters to rally against our constitutional rights.

The musician featured in NOM’s latest ‘March for Marriage’ ad actually supports marriage equality, as tenaciously uncovered by Jeremy Hooper who broke this story today. NOM is using a song in their March Against Marriage Equality AD that was written by Katie Herzig, who in a tweet to Hooper indicated she supports marriage equality:

“In my writeup of the National Organization For Marriage’s fallacious new ad for its upcoming “March For Marriage,” I mentioned my suspicion that the musician featured at the end of the ad, Katie Herzig, actually supports our position rather than NOM’s. Yesterday afternoon, I got confirmation, ” and then he notes further, “Just like the drumbeat of society that surrounds NOM’s existence, the music that they chose to promote their march directly repudiates their work. Oops. Guess they should have asked first.”:


HERE IS THE LYING NOM AD, using katie Herzig’s music: -They lie by saying majority of American support NO EQUALITY. They then lie further and insult children of single parents, widows, divorced parents etc with their phoney assertion that children do better with a mother and father. SPLC should now declare NOM a hate group, given the fact that there is strong and certain evidence repudiating the two lies in this AD – Lie #1: Most American are against equality and lie #2 Children are better off with a married mother and father.

If this Video made you as angry as it made me – PLEASE come out on the streets on March 26 and March 27.

Update March 19:  You are no longer able to watch the NOM promo video and get angry as Katie Herzig has had the video removed due to copyright infringement!  O-Blog-Dee urges you to still get angry and join us in D.C.!



Melanie Nathan, nathan@privatecourts.com

and visit and sign up atfor D.C. or any event in your own area. WE MUST COME OUT! http://www.lighttojustice.org/


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