Uganda Embassy has been hit by Light Brigade Maryland | Uganda Reject Homophobia

While protesting the Kill the Gays Bill tonight Light Brigade Maryland has a friendly visit form The Secret Service who may well have liked what they were doing.

The Secret Service stopped by Light Brigade Maryland‘s “REJECT UGANDAN HOMOPHOBIA” message tonight at the Ugandan Embassy.

“That’s one jurisdiction of the law we have not had visit us on the bridges. According to their livestreamer, they stopped by to ask if anyone was planning on engaging in any civil disobedience and left saying they thought the lights were cool. ”  Notes the Light Brigade Facebook page.

Way to go Light Brigade. What an incredible sign of support for Uganda’s LGBT heroes.

Next week the Ugandan Parliament will in all likelihood pass the Kill the Gays Bill, more formally known as The Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga promised the Bill to the Uganda citizens as a Xmas present.  American and international activists have vowed to go to great lengths to protest against homophobia on behalf of the Ugandan LGBTI community as well as against all United States senators and representatives who overtly and tacitly support The Family and the Evangelical Pastors who are complicit in the Ugandan legislation, through the export of hate.

Other campaigns include GetEQUAL’s “Arrest me Too” Campaign. Please keep your eye on these pages for more confrontations with Ugandan authorities on U.S. and international soil as well as on Petitions and Protests.   SEE   to participate

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