WATCH VIDEO: Hillary Clinton and LGBT State Department Video –

by Melanie Nathan, Dec 28, 2011

“Stand Up for the Dignity of  All Your Citizens”  Hillary Clinton, Human Rights Speech, Geneva Dec , 2011

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s Geneva Human Rights speech has been memorialized by a montage of LGBTI pride impacted against her words.The Video was produced and presented on the website by the U.S. State Department at .

The message is to decriminalize homosexuality around the world.  My hope for 2012 is that it will indeed be the year of decriminalization, especially in Africa, where leaders must refrain from the draconian rhetoric that says Gay is a Western idea. Like Secretary Clinton said, it is not a western idea, simply because there are gay people everywhere and gay has no regard for ethnicity or color.

To Leaders  of the countries who execute and jail LGBT people… Leadership means being out in front of your people.  Stand up for the dignity of all your citizens and lead your people to do the same. Be on the right side of History.”

The only western import is not “being gay” but rather the fervor in Africa created by the right wing Evangelicals from the U.S. and what they exported to Africa was a message to hate gays.

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