Who are The Witsies Now?

by Melanie Nathan;  Dec 20,2011.
From Far Away I observe and wonder…Witsies show their gay pride -The University of Witwatersrand held a pride march for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual

and Transgender people (LGBTIA) community in September of this 2011 year!  Now it is time to Protest against discrimination in the rest of Africa and for education in all of Africa.As part of the Wits Pride Week. The march, themed “It’s for all of us”, attracted about 300 , including students from other institutions around Gauteng.  But where is the WITS I knew, the one of the 80’s where we we first to scream and yell about all that did not gel?
Notwithstanding our courageous anti-apartheid marches on the 80’s I could not imagine a WITS  Pride parade.  But now it is my hope that my alma mater will see the power in the all inclusive post-apartheid South African constitution.
The one that begs to be lived fully according to its worth.
Now South Africa you have the awesome constitution the one and only all inclusive – sexual  orientation, gender identity!    It is time to live it and to demand all that goes with it.
Where are the student of Wits on the issue of Qwelane in Uganda?  Where are the students of WITS on the issue of criminalization of homosexuality in Africa?  You are the future leaders of South Africa and have a right to make demands of your current leaders.
The University of the Witwatersrand was a conscious campus that stood up against discrimination – now wake up the beast Witsies – Tell President ZUMA to lead in Africa.
Mere words in the United Nations do not suffice. Wake up the ANC and fight discrimination in Africa.  That is the very point of your awesome constitution.
We are GAY and We are LESBIAN and we are BI – Transgender- and Intersex- We are Africa!
Sexual orientation is for all whether heterosexual or homosexual -orientation is a basic human human right – no matter who you are!
 I was a Witsie too – we screamed against apartheid – now all of WITS gay or straight should be screaming against GAY (LGBTI) apartheid in the rest of Africa  and the awful violence it incites against sexual minorities. Show solidarity for Uganda, for Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroons too!
Speak the Human Rights that AFRICA must hear: WE ARE AFRICA!

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