Are you a Maverick?



Take the test   ….

I heard Presidential hopeful, John McClain calling himself a maverick I developed a rotten feeling about continuing to apply that word to my self- characterization.  Enter Sarah Palin and the word turned putrid. logo-mel-judge-07-btmp 

Now that both are out of any effective picture  I decided that I will no longer allow my self-characterization to be impacted by their respective claims on that word – however that I would first have to pass a self developed test to   see if I was truly entitled to the title.  So here is the test and you can take it too. If you get three out of six yeses you are entitled to the applicability of  the word maverick! 

Maverick Score Nonconformist Rebel unconventional eccentric One of a kind Odd one out
McCain 1 no no no no no yes
Palin 3 no no no no yes yes
Melanie  4 yes yes yes no yes no

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