Update Shirley Tan Deportation- out of options

books-005_editedOn April 10th, Shirley Tan received good news and bad news on her rollercoaster ride to or from permanence in the USA.  Shirley received notice from the BIA that a deportation order was re-issued giving her 30 days to voluntarily leave the USA.  The good news is the admittance that the prior order was not properly served, thereby endorsing Shirley’s claim that she knew nothing about it.  This ‘cleanses’ her status, if you will, as she is now not out of compliance as had been painted by her detention. 

The bad news is that she is out of options.   Her application to BIA  has been turned down and she is ordered to leave.  There is no legal procedure to assist her in her desire to remain in the US with her wife and American children. The only way she can stay would be through extraordinary measures.  If you support Shirley and her family, please feel free to e-mail Melanie Nathan at nathan@privatecourts.com to express your support.  Cards can be sent to Tan-Mercado c/o Melanie Nathan, Private Courts, 1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste 112, Larkspur, CA 94939.

Please call/ write/ e-mail/ fax  your congress representatives/ Senators  and urge them to read about the hardship to the Mercado Tan family.  Ask them to cosponsor the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) and to do what they can to help bi-national couples and their children.  In the long term this is the only measure that may allow the Mercado Tan family to live as such in the USA.  Be on the alert for more help that we may call for soon.

3 thoughts on “Update Shirley Tan Deportation- out of options

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