Forthcoming Same-Sex Sacramental Marriage Litigation

best-of-last-computer-04-06-007I am in touch with the litigants who are about to let leash, or so I have been told. Any queries please contact me directly at and watch this space for updates.

Universal Life Church MonasteryFights for Minister’s Rights to
The Universal Life Church Monastery ( has announced a legal defense campaign that will take action in all states that have enacted unconstitutional same-sex sacramental marriage restraints. The Universal Life Church Monastery reports that it has retained two constitutional law firms, which include Arizona-based DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, and Seattle-based Carney Badley Spellman. I spoke with George Freeman yesterday and he mentioned that none of the Gay organizations had been contacted with regard to this litigation.  I was wondering if any of the activists and representing organzations knew about this and what hey thought about this move.  I am curious how it impacts the current endeavors and if this is viewed in a positive light.

3 thoughts on “Forthcoming Same-Sex Sacramental Marriage Litigation

  1. Yes, thanks for visiting Julie. I hope you check my blog often. Yes I have put a call into Kate Kendall at NCLR to see what the organizations feel about this. I am not even sure that they are aware of the press release on 4/15. I also plan on calling some of he others. Molly McKay of Marriage Equality had also not received any prior notice of this. This is going to be very interesting. Are you going to post it on LezBeReal?

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