Thank you for the mainstream expose PEOPLE MAGAZINE

42-17546152I had the great pleasure of working with Susan Young to bring the TAN MERCADO immigration matter to PEOPLE MAGAZINE. john_travolta

 I wanted to thank PEOPLE and Susan for doing justice to the Article.  The 36,000 afflicted LGBT binational couples need mainstream exposure – hopefully the readers will find the compassion and true value in family by promoting equality and insisting on passage of Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) by congressional reps, Senators.  Please call on all Senators to cosponsor UAFA.  Thanks to ALL the amazing foot soldiers… See latest PEOPLE MAGAZINE – John Travolta Cover – 4/20/09

6 thoughts on “Thank you for the mainstream expose PEOPLE MAGAZINE

  1. Hi Carla, Yes, there are many suffering this kind of blatant discrimination. Please feel free to write to me privately about your case and maybe we can helpp you with sme community support during this difficult time. You can email me at I wish you the very best of luck for May 5th. Shirley’s voluntary deportation date has been extended to May 10th. I look forward to hearing your details. Melanie, your oblogdee-er

  2. Melissa; thanks for your support and please visit again, for updates. At this time we are hoping for some miraculous extraordinary legislative solution.

  3. Could we write People Magazine a letter asking them to send a copy of the issue + the article to all Congress members, Governors, and the President?

    1. Already done! Great idea. We are going tl have a copy sent to each one. I am just waiting to see if it is possible to get enough copies at this juncture. If not I will ask for permission to reproduce and include the cover. Thanks please keep visiting site for more UAFA news.

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