Table Mountain Ablaze

 a-table-mountain1I received a surprise email (ala facebook) from a childhood friend; we share a name.  She told me that Table Mountain is ablaze.  I went online and found this link with pictures. Wow – beautiful Table Mounntain and parts of the city in danger.  Take a look, Good luck down there!!

4 thoughts on “Table Mountain Ablaze

  1. Thank you to SonyaSunny and Bill Cash for viewing my site. Please visit again. I usualy update site when I feel like I want to write. I do not update all the nees stuff unless I have an added opinion because much of it is easy to fond on news blogs and througha ssociated press. Generally I like stories that reflect an in justice that needs exposing. I appreciate that you like my designl however I have changed it to be less serene and more bouncy – well not even I am sure what that means, just feltr like I needed a change.

    Best and tahnks again, melanie.

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