Steve Hofmeyr Reports from His Queer Closet in Namibia

So Steve Hofmeyr is a famous something in Southern Africa, perhaps even Namibia. Although I am from South Africa I had never heard of him until he came out recently with some statement that perhaps the PLUS sign at the end of the LGBTQI+ acronym includes “bestiality.” I think he may be an actor or musician or something. He seems to be reporting from Namibia. I do not know his citizenship or his residency but I do believe a lot of Afrikaans speaking South Africans live in Namibia. He may be one of those. Anyway, I digress! He seems to be trying to walk that hateful statement back. Perhaps because in that region it is considered criminal to spew such hate. It is not considered speech one can spew freely. That is because usually hate speech carries violent consequences.

Anyway the Steve Hofmeyr came out (I wish he would actually come out)  with an excuse follow up video. I recorded them off my I-Phone from face book into 3 parts below. They speak for themselves. The futile attempt to disguise his hate may be further shrouded by the FACT that I BELIEVE this Steve Hofmeyr is actually reporting from deep in his own closet. Let us face facts those types of closets, the one’s homophobes spew their hate from – are VERY QUEER – and I use that word here and my header in the sense of “strange”- though some of you may attribute a deeper meaning!

My own Facebook Comments on his Video posting is as follows: 

Melanie Nathan

Steve Hofmeyr The truth of the matter is: sweet Steve is probably a closet queen! I have been working in the realm of LGBTQI rights for decades and I know one when I see one. They tend to over protest as a mechanism and concomitant of “don’t look at me” – and they tend to call the fact of LGBTQI+ innate human sexuality a “preference”. This man is far too clever to be that ignorant. You can tell his shrewdness by how he tries to disguise his hate through faux narrative of what he supposedly “never did”- “I never sexualized toddler’s” he said! what he is in fact doing is making an admission. The truth of the matter is pedophiles are generally straight men or men who pretend to be straight like him. I think the guy needs some serious help. Don’t ban him – shame him because the truth of the matter is he is a coward. It is take a lot of courage to come out as a gay man Steve Hofmeyr why don’t you just do it

AND notice-  that he purports to support American Transgender celebrity, Caitlyn Jenner and in the same sentence is misgendering her with the use of her dead name.- one of the greatest and most hateful slaps across the face to a trans person.


He looks too old to have such a young kid. I wonder who she belongs to? well maybe she is HIS!!! Why would he be exploiting her on his 655,000 page Face Book Page – if he is so concerned about exploitation of children. MMMMMMM very suspect of Mr. Protect Children Bloke!  Damn at least I had the decency to hide her identity while he gets 161,000 views on a video of her! AG Shame! And not as in “cute”.

Melanie Nathan, in her capacity as Executive Director of African Human Rights Coalition notes: Anyway when all is said and done, Steve Hofmeyr is causing a lot of harm. There can be no good from such a  manipulative and gaslighting speech as seen on this video.  Anyone lobbing onto this hateful speech, spreading it as gospel or in fanlike compliment ought to understand that they are participating in inciting and propping up violence. Being popular and spewing this garbage to your 655,000 fans is tantamount to giving license to hate and the violence that follows it. He should know better- that he is speaking in a country where LGBTQI+ people do not enjoy full equality and on a continent where over 32 countries criminalize LGBTQI+ people simply for who they are attracted to or because of their authentic gender identities.  This is in a climate of persecution and discrimination – and he is actually attacking this minority that seeks decriminalization  from the draconian legislation that colonizers used  to criminalize human sexuality over a hundred years ago.  He lashed out at a minority that is violated by words such as his.  Now many will suffer the resulting physical harm.  His verbal BLOWS against humans for their sexuality and gender identity are just that – BLOWS! Shame on him. Now we will submit his name to be added will be added to the Non-Visa list here in the United States, under the new law banning people who violate the human and civil rights of LGBTQI people.” SEE FULL STATEMENT HERE


Eileen Carter of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAMRK) has confirmed that it has directed a letter of appeal to Steve Hofmeyr, following his statements about the LGBTIQ+ community. SAMRK has received more than 31 complaints from the public about Hofmeyr’s hateful comments against the LGBTQ+ community. The following is requested of Hofmeyr (to which he must respond before the Commission turns him over to the Court of Equality):
  • A non-profit organization in Gqeberha demands, among other things, R500 000 as compensation from Hofmeyr.
  • The Commission requests Hofmeyr to apologize to LGBTQI community and to his followers on his social media channels 20 hour community service at a centre to support the promotion of human rights.
  • He must attend educational classes by the Commission on diversity, inclusion and human rights.
  • Hofmeyr has until Thursday, April 28, to respond to the claims.
Hofmeyr has not yet issued a statement about the SAMRK’s decision.
Melanie Nathan
Melanie Nathan,
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