U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Chooses not to attend RBG Memorial and as first Women Lying in State

The FIRST Woman – The First Jewish person – What does  THAT tell YOU?

I feel rage. For all the underhandedness, hypocrisy and abuse of power wielded by Mitch McConnell, Republican Majority leader in the Senate. Yes, I felt that – and then a friend this morning drew my attention to this, and it threw me over the edge… the edge I already thought I had fallen from! Indeed this is way beyond that mere Postcard! I learned that Moscow Mitch McConnell had earned his nickname in more ways than one – he had taken his disrespect to an unfathomable depth – here is the Tweet of David Gura, NBC –

“A woman is lying in state in the United States Capitol for the first time in American history, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy decided not to attend her memorial.” @davidgura

As she Lay in State, the first woman ever, the first Jewish person ever, McConnell made the CHOICE not to attend her memorial at the Congress Rotunda- even in his capacity as leader of the U.S. Senate, tantamount to a snub from the entire Senate! A snub as a representative of the American people. A putrid slight to her great honor and memory, especially given his position and stature! He did not visit her as she lay in State. He did not visit her as she lay in State. !!

This snub speaks beyond his abusive and hypocritical disregard for the very precedents he set, for the disrespecting of one of America’s greatest Jurists, for the person who gave so much of her life to our Country: It snubs all the American people and calls so much into question and the need for our deeper reflection.

THIS MAN who CHOSE to disregard and abuse his MANpower using the very woman who delivered us so many of our rights, – now seeks to ROB us WOMEN of our CHOICE! Because it is he who helms the Trump Amy Barrett appointment – and that extremist choice to replace Justice Ginsberg will take away our choice to control what happens to our bodies.  If we can wind the clock that far back, through the power of McConnell, it would not surprise me if this has potential to wind us back to the day when women were indeed chattels, when men in the guise of PATERFAMILIAS had the LEGAL right to physically chastise their wives with beatings. They owned our bodies… . If you wind a clock back by 50 years you can wind it back even further – surely?

IT is time for us to rise up as women and take our power. It starts with protecting our bodies…. and so….. just do not let it happen. Ask yourself what are YOU doing to do to make sure we survive this abuse? To make sure we move forward into our fullest of rights, – we should not be begging for equality at this point, we should be helming progress beyond equality… a given!

McConnell may well have met his match in this head to head bid for his Senate seat. AMY McGRATH – must be his replacement. We MUST support her campaign with added vigor. We must tilt the Senate toward women. We must capture the Senate for Democracy, for respect, for healing and FOR THE PEOPLE!

Notably though VOGUE Article we recall there is good reason to overthrow King McConnell and his Trump sucking:

There are lots of reasons to hate Mitch McConnell. Let’s start with his actions since 2018, when the Democrats took back control of the House. In the past two years, McConnell has defiantly blocked any legislation that has come from the Lower House, refusing to take up 395 House bills that have been sent to the Senate, a fact that he’s embraced by joyously tweeting a picture of a graveyard and calling himself the “grim reaper of socialism,” and telling Fox News, “They’ve been on full left-wing parade over there.” But, of course, Grim Reaper Mitch doesn’t mean socialism; he means a functioning government, which McConnell effectively brought a halt to as soon as Republicans lost the House. And stopping legislation makes sense because fundamentally, as Jeet Heer writes in The Nation, “Both Trump and McConnell are nihilists, eager above all to hold onto power and to serve the wealthy donors of the Republican Party.”

There are other reasons to hate McConnell, among them the fact that he’s packed the courts with hundreds of conservative judges on the federal bench, making it, as Howard Fineman wrote this week in the Washington Post,  “younger, whiter, and more male—and far more partisan—in the process.”

SO: Pass this along – IT IS TIME and please support ALL the swing seats you can- even with smallest of dollars:

Amy McGrath is tied 45% – 45% with McConnell:

This fight has just begun: 3x-Donate toward our Flip the Senate Save the Court Fund to put an end to McConnell’s treachery.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will be processed immediately:

Donate $10 now

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Let’s swing the Senate – If McConnell beats McGrath we still have a shot at cutting his power and reducing him to a minority in the Senate where he will then lose his leadership role.

It has never been more crucial to flip the Senate. And with the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the future of the Supreme Court is on the line. We need Democratic leadership so we can protect the courts and make progress on existential issues like climate change, health care, racial justice, and a post-COVID economy.

Without a Democratic Senate, we cannot rebuild this country. Donate today to flip the Senate: DONATE HERE FOR THE SENATE TO DEMS:


#VoteBlue #BidenHarris #RBG #Resist #Democrats

By Melanie Nathan
Law, Human Rights Advocacy and Mediation
African Human Rights Coalition
Executive Director
pronouns: she / her / hers

Trump’s Shemzag SCOTUS Pick is Unworthy of RBG Seat

“She the People” on Trump’s Supreme Court Pick:  “Amy Coney Barrett … is a detriment to our democracy.” The ONLY reason Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not somersaulting in disgust in her grave is because she is not yet buried. 

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