VOTE for Welcome – Campaigning for Candidates who will stand up for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Since Trump began his 2016 presidential campaign he jhas made a concerted effort to attack immigrants. For almost 4 years, we have lived through constant attacks – most especially on asylum seekers, refugees, Muslims and People of Color, hardest hit by Trump’s xenophobic racist overt trajectory toward hateful policies. The 2020 elections are approaching and there are important races up and down the ballot in every state in the country that can impact this milieu for much improvement:

With stakes so high this election season, we need to ask every candidate: Will you stand up for refugees and asylum seekers if you are elected?”

HIAS has launched a Vote for Welcome campaign to educate and make sure that candidates in races across the country state their support for welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.

Here is where you can help! Let us all ensure we participate in voting for all who will keenly ensure progressive policy, to do better than we have ever done before. YOU can participate in opening our pipeline to the right moral way to respond to the world’s migrant crisis. There are so many people pending resettlement – such as LGBTQI refugees who deserve to live in a place where they can safely and freely express their gender identity and live according to their innate human sexuality.

Anyone can be part of this project — in large or small ways. HIAS has made their resources available online, and are holding a webinar on July 1 at 4pm ET (registration required) for anyone who wants to learn more.


“For the past four years, our government has slammed our country’s doors on people seeking a safe life for themselves and their families. Please help to ensure the United States resumes our global leadership role in resettling refugees and again upholds our asylum laws:”

Thank you for casting your Vote for Welcome.

Click here to participate in the Vote for Welcome Campaign. 


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