Blaming Trump for Domestic Terror Weekend Rampage


Donald Trump is 100% responsible for the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio massacres which caused 29 brutal murders and over 40 injuries, in a 14 hour window, with shooting that totaled less than 6 minutes in El Paso (20 dead) and 30 seconds (9 dead) in Dayton:

We can attribute the slaughter to the following realization:

You may ask why young white men do this AND why upsurge in our domestic terrorism attacks so frequent and similar:

1. taking license through hateful scapegoating from a RACIST xenophobic President who blames young white man’s problems on hispanic invaders, refugees, Jews ETC. 
2. white privilege and entitlement
3. easy access to guns
4. semi automatic weaponry available at all
5. mental health issues unchecked untreated  
6. websites that radicalize in name of free speech crossing the bounds into provoking violence through calls -inter alia- for race wars
7. Toxic masculinity
8. failed weak leadership

Its multifaceted- AND you will note if you take just one of these elements out of the equation it could change. But helming it all is the ultimate trigger – #1 – without which we are left wondering- would this be happening at all – least of all at this current rate with such stated motives ….

After El Paso, We Can No Longer Ignore Trump’s Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings:

Sound familiar? The president of the United States — …  — has repeatedly referred to an “invasion” at the southern border; condemned Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and Syrian refugees as “snakes”; accused his critics of treason on at least two dozen occasions; and told four elected women of color to “go back” to the “crime infested places from which they came.”

That there could be a link between the attacker and the president should come as no surprise. But it might. Over the past four years, both mainstream media organizations and leading Democrats have failed to draw a clear line between Trump’s racist rhetoric and the steadily multiplying acts of domestic terror across the United States. (And there are many more making similar assertions)

Some of us tried to sound the alarm — but to no avail – you will note my BLOG after the  attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Trump Refugee Lies Perfect Storm for Antisemitic Massacre:

The shooter tweets speak for themselves and provide his clear path to the doors of Tree Of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And he was as good as sent there by Trump.  He is an anti-Semitic American grown terrorist, a product of the Trump era anti-refugee dicta that leads many in America to think that refugees are invaders intent on crime, mayhem and slaughter when they reach America.

This was the perfect storm for the likes of Robert Bowers, whose target was heralded by The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) drive with synagogues to support refugees, “The national Refugee Shabbat.”

Just this week, after two years of continued refugee and asylum seeker bashing,  Trump ordered the Military to the border to try and threaten the latest caravan of refugees headed this way. In doing so he lied to the American people, instilling fear, that among these refugees were “ terrorists from Middle Eastern countries.”  What a coincidence – Robert Bowers, whether a Trump supporter or not, is threatened. He believes that he will be slaughtered by “the stranger among us”, who HIAS is established to support! And so this known anti-semite believes that the Jews are helping and harboring those sent to slaughter him.   Clearly evidenced by his 2 most recent Tweets, found in web archives after his account went down.

And it continued unfettered until this weekend’s massacres. And it will continue unfettered until Trump is gone.

And then it will take an extremely aggressive anti-White Supremacist progressive president and administration to start unravelling the harm – through the eradication of divisiveness by unifying the country, remedies for racism, remedies for mental health resources, banning of assault rifles, gun checks, federal domestic terror laws, immigration reform, and proactive investigations that deter these sick white supremacist killers.

The bottom line is that Trump is legitimating White Supremacy ideology, thus motivating the mayhem and murder. No amount of Tweets or White House lawn or Oval Office pretense, that he is abhorred by the massacres, can deny or eradicate his megaphone call from the White House and Rally Podiums. AND This is what they hear:  “This country belongs to us White People. Any one else is an invader. Including Hispanics, refugees, and Muslims. Its all the fault of the Jews. Its self defense off you go out there and  kill those motherfucking immigrants and invaders- if you allow the invasion -then they are coming to get you…”   Domestic Terrorist




Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
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18 thoughts on “Blaming Trump for Domestic Terror Weekend Rampage

  1. The El Paso shooter’s manifesto stated he was more likely to be murdered by hispanic youth gangs than death row, so you can’t really judge him for being bullied by the hispanic majority, this has nothing to do with Trump.

    The Dayton shooter was Antifa, so that’s more on your team Melanie.

    1. I do not believe the conspiracy theory of the Dayton shooter \. Most leftists are not racists. I am not surprised these shooters try and shield Trump all the while spurred on by him. And just because a mass murderer nutcase white supremacists FELT bullied – you believe him? He was bullied by the mere existence of hispanics – a majority? mere existence? THAT exacerbates the motive!!! None of what you say can justify murder. Yet you seek to justify it? Makes you as sick as any of them! BRO!!!! I can smell the stink of your toxic masculinity from here. Who have you raped lately?

  2. tRump is a personality-disordered-narcissist, and a extremely mentally-ill & dangerous lunatic.

    More worrisome is he has enablers/followers aka Jim Jones/Charles Manson.

    Read this website, anyone who finds this. The “traits” are illuminating. Without empathy, the NPD person simply does NOT understand the world around them and acts with NO remorse nor are they EVER willing to admit responsibility– NEVER. No empathy = no affect, no ability to interact with other human beings.

  3. Melanie,

    I am also opposed to illegal immigration and have voiced that opinion on more than one occasion that 1,000,000 per year seeking to illegally come into my country is in fact an INVASION which the U.S. Constitution requires our Federal government to protect our states from. Do you – therefore – blame me for this shooting?

    Wow: what an amazing way to SILENCE anyone you disagree with. Those of you Federalists never did like our Bill of Rights very much.

    – Jim Wherry

    1. When you incite violence the way trump has done and the way anyone who calls an immigrant an invader has done – then damn right you should be silenced. This is not an opinion you have this – this is a weapon you tout! So in the same way as I do indeed hold you responsible – I am an immigrant who you are targeting with this hate and xenophobia. That is what you are doing!!!! The real invader is the White Bloke who committed genocide in his invasion of America!

  4. Melanie,

    So anyone who dares to speak against Open Borders is a racist. Ironic: you are a white South African who invaded Africa and then came to America without any respect for Native Americans.

    Your hatred only perpetuates hatred.

    1. Actually I am not a white person who invaded South Africa – I am a semite – of jewish Pogrom refugee grandparents and ONLY South Africa would give us refuge when America refused and we were being slaughtered in Eastern EU. There is perhaps an irony in the fact that now I work with refugees in similar circumstances. I would rather have been born to my own unique land of belonging. But I had no control over that. I do not think complaints against open borders is racism. I have never said that anywhere!!! You made that up! BUT I do think telling people to go back to places they were not born in IS RACIST. I do think Birtherism is racism,. I do think calling all Mexicans rapists is racism . I do think that calling legitimate asylum seekers invaders is triggering racism and xenophobia enough to spark massacres. So sorry my friend but your response falls terribly flat!

      1. Melanie,

        Thank you for clarifying that opposition to Open Borders is not racism. But your previous comments suggested this and it has become the standard complaint of the pro-immigration advocates to silence those of us who want our laws enforced.

        I know of no instance where President Trump has said that “all Mexicans are rapists.” Neither so you.

        Legitimate asylum seekers I do not oppose, but you have tried to add economic refugees into that mix and you have argued that if people are poor or fear criminal violence in their home nations, that makes them legitimately asylum seekers. That is also not true.

        1. Show me one place where I have proposed open borders? Show me one place where I have said criticism of open borders is racism! A lie! “They are Rapists, Murderers etc…” ‘They’re rapists.’ President Trump’s campaign launch speech two years … ‘They’re rapists.’ President Trump’s campaign launch speech two years … ‘They’re rapists.’ President Trump’s campaign launch speech two years … ‘They’re rapists.’ President Trump’s campaign launch speech two years … ‘They’re rapists.’ President Trump’s campaign launch speech two years … WHERE have I added economic refugees into the mix…../ Please stop with out and out lies… I will not post any more lies

    2. I notice the lack of acceptance of my post. There’s no reason to “reason” a mentally ill man.

      Read the site I linked. If you find it “fine”, you are probably a sociopath. Otherwise, you’ll be woken.

  5. Btw, Jimmy,

    George Carlin, a very sharp wise-guy, had this to say about your “rights”, bill-of-or-otherwise:

    You have a mad-man in your WH and he’s happy to gut the world as long as it gets him attention. Wake TF up.

    1. Tracy,

      Yes, that is what the Federalists on the Left have always wanted us to believe: that we have no rights. The Constitution contains no “rights.” It was only when those of us who are anti-Federalists insisted on the Bill of Rights that a leash was put on dictatorship and autocracy.

      Now the Left seeks to silence Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of religion, the right to peacefully assemble, the Right to keep and bear arms and you seek to undermine the Right against wrongful search and seizure.

      The Federalists always hates the Bill of Rights .

      Those of us on the Eight cherish them.

      1. ou need to note that it is Trump and admin at the helm of this country with the power of the Wh seeking to silence the citizens of America. I have felt this directly when he attempted to bar my free speech by banning my NAVAIR speaking gig because i spoke out against hi. He is the one banning Press from the White House. He is the one accusing the free press of faux news. How can you even begin to compare THAT to anyone on th left. The left has no power in this country. Its a right wing white nationalist powerhouse that we are top against – a mass murder provoking one at that! There seems to be no leash on this dictatorship… this so called democracy aint working – its a joke…

          1. LOL is Clinton President? Why cant you see that its the ONE in power that carried the lunacy! That carries the racism, That carries the megaphone directly impacting massacres…. the voice of the left has zero power. Lets hope we can change that — I would rather a racist with a left lean than one with a right lean… at least human rights and social justice will prevail and the capitalist lunatics will start paying their share…

      2. Dear Jim, thanks for the “man-splain”. The entire WORLD is aghast and you insist the perfect plan is working out? If you actually had a good look back, you’d see the best economies were under the people who pushed for fairness to all. Ike had some of the highest taxes on business to encourage they reinvest and offer fair pay. Was Eisenhower also a “lefty”?

        “All men/women are created equal”. But somewhere along the line, some became “more equal”. At that point, sociopaths, like Trump et al, rose to the top like floating turds. Now, your “rights” are being systematically destroyed, by a mad-man and his minions in the GOP, and you still cannot see this. You’re so far down the river of smug denial that it’s frightening, because you’re going to drag the rest of the world down with you.

        1. Tracy,

          Accusing me of “man-spling” something will not silence me or shut me down.

          You tried to claim that President Trump was taking away anyone’s rights. He is not doing so. There is no right to enter our country illegally and remain without going through asylum procedures and then disappear into the woodwork and illegally work jobs and not pay taxes.

          What I pointed out was the unending attacks on our rights that are really coming from the Left. Many people telling President Trump that he should not hold a rally in one place or the other denies us our rights to peacefully assemble.

          Facebook and Twitter trying to shut down debate tonight is our right to free speech. They are private companies, so at the moment they have no such obligation, but when the University of California at Berkeley shuts down conservative speakers just because the American left attacks buildings and tries to set them on fire, our rights to freedom of speech are under attack by a government entity.

          Unending efforts to raise our taxes robs us of our freedom.

          Trying to disarm Law-abiding Citizen’s steals our Second Amendment rights.

          Refusing to enforce our voter laws and require proof of identity before permitting someone to vote in our elections steals my vote.

          It is no wonder that ANTIFA the new fascists. I did not vote for President Trump in the last election, but it is people like you with a far left agenda that I have described that make it a dead certainty that I will vote for him this time. Blame yourself.

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