AN ODE(ious):To the 4th July 

Mel, pals and Joan Baez, Women’s March – We Resist Separation of Children

AN ODE(ious):To the 4th July 

It is UNCONSCIONABLE to have war veterans living homeless on the street, many with PTSD unattended, while Trump rolls tanks down DC at a cost of many a million of dollars. Apparently the DC streets will have to be repaired afterwards as they are not designed to take tank weight and wear…

It is UNCONSCIONABLE to celebrate independence when children remain locked up in cages, in squalid conditions, separated from their parents, who are locked in other cages, at capacity, while drinking water out of toilets…

It is UNCONSCIONABLE that our foreign policy is being defecated upon by nepotistic and unqualified endeavors…

It is UNCONSCIONABLE that we have a proven racist / white supremacist occupying our White House…

It is UNCONSCIONABLE that we have a President more aligned with our adversaries than our allies…

It is UNCONSCIONABLE that this POTUS continues to divide our country through fear of the other, rather than unite us through common cause…

It is UNCONSCIONABLE to me that our Constitution and Democracy is so dilatory with a seemingly failed ability to process that which would rectify the abuses of power we have been subjected to…

AND the endless list of #UNCONSCIONABLE continues to grow .. feel free to add your thoughts…


Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Follow me on Twitter – @MelanieNathan1
Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

2 thoughts on “UNCONSCIONABLE July 4th

  1. What happened to our “USA”? The leader of the free world has been taken down from within, not by the orangutan-in-chief, but by a hugely corrupt GOP and a people who no longer understand everything they were founded upon is being slowly eroded by these sociopaths. I wake up with a sour stomach the minute my brain kicks in from sleep to realization at the destruction those in your country are causing our entire planet. The filth and the rot has spread due to USA military threat to the rest of the world. Once thriving and tolerant countries are now ALL emboldened by this ugliness. The USA, once a bastion of hope, is now a gov’t of hate, greed, and extortion.

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