NQAPIA LGBT Family Acceptance Workshops Comes to Japan

LGBT Pride and Acceptance Across the World LGBT の人々のプライドと包摂 –

Japanese Parents share their stories to bring families together in 3 cities

TOKYO — Thanks to your support, this Pride Month the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) will embark on a new international tour of their powerful LGBT Family Acceptance Workshops in Japan. The unique workshops are scheduled for Tokyo on June 15-17, Nagoya on June 19, and Sapporo on June 22.

You have helped us build moving workshops which provide peer-support and culturally-congruent guidance to Japanese parents in best supporting their LGBT children.  At the workshops, Japanese and Japanese-American parents of LGBTQ kids share their journeys from shame and disappointment to love and acceptance of their LGBTQ kids.

Japan is largely a conformist society with rigid prescribed roles for men and women.  “LGBTQ people often suffer in silence and are fearful of coming out to their parents or dishonoring them and the ancestors.” said Glenn Magpantay, Executive Director of NQAPIA. “The result can be self-loathing, depression and suicide. Our Family Acceptance Workshop offers narratives of unconditional love and acceptance to strengthen families and save lives.”  The workshop speakers will be:

  • Marsha Aizumi from Los Angeles CA is a Japanese mother of a transgender son and author of Two Spirits, One Heart, a memoir of her life with her son.  Marsha serves on the PFLAG National Board of Directors and is co-founder and co-President of API PFLAG San Gabriel Valley.
  • Aya Yabe from New York, NY, is a citizen of Japan and mother of a gay daughter. Aya has been involved in Okaeri:  A Nikkei LGBTQ Gathering and translated A Love Letter, a video about transgender families into Japanese. She leads API Rainbow Parents.
  • Glenn Magpantay, from New York, is Executive Director of NQAPIA.  He is a lawyer and 30 year veteran LGBT activist who will share his unique insights into the struggle for LGBT equality in America and abroad, as well as his personal experiences of being a gay dad.



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