Message: Within Post Massacre Unity we Cannot be Silent while U.S. President still Promotes its Motivation


In the wake of the New Zealand terrorist attack, perpetrated in the name of white nationalism, we are learning that the terrorist, in his 87 page Manifesto, specifically cited U.S. President, Donald Trump, as is his motivator.   The massacre has led to religious denominations unifying in condemnation of the attacks and speaking out as one voice against hate. The Jewish congregations of New Zealand closed their synagogue doors on this shabbat, the most holy of days, in solidarity with its Muslim community. Never heard of in the history of ANY Jewish community, as far as I know- and an enormously loving gesture. As  a Jew I understand this. Such a huge mark of unity. And the list of such goes on… and will go on…. but it is not enough…

Notwithstanding the unity it is also open season for the white nationalists to dig in and take up the mantle, furthering the terror. It is already happening – all you have to do is journey into the dark web to see the fuel and the fire. It is therefore an extremely dangerous time for Donald Trump to continue to blow dog whistles and provide license, as he is still doing:

My latest Facebook post reads:

Yesterday @POTUS in the The White House , Donald Trump, moments after proclaiming his condolences for the New Zealand white nationalist terrorist attack massacre, launched into his usual anti-asylum seekers ranting. We are becoming desensitized to this. You must call your Democratic and Republican Representatives to speak out against the WORDS he is still using. DO NOT GIVE HIM A PASS. I have already condemned the Islamophobic aspect of this horrific terrorist attack and massacre. I am now speaking specifically to the Xenophobic aspect: Working with refugees and asylum seekers I am acutely apprised of the dangers so many flee, and that when they find resettlement countries, the relief of safety is a basic human right and the promise of a new life where one can freely express one’s religion, sexuality, politics is a prized sanctuary – also a basic human right! That has now been forever tainted! THAT ‘fear should be felt everywhere by immigrants and refugees’ is basically the goal of the terrorist. This makes the xenophobic – anti-immigrant- aspect of this attack so insidious. The ongoing white nationalism that speaks to demonize refugees and asylum seekers is hateful and dangerous and continues to underpin this terror. Serving white nationalism now serves terrorism. And the words that harbor it – are still being uttered by this president. Shame on all of America for as long as this is allowed to continue. SPEAK UP NOW!!!!!!

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