Trump’s National Emergency Through the Eyes of …..

The real headline is not “Shutdown Averted” – but “National Emergency Declared”: This idiot Donald J. Trump just declared a National Emergency to build his campaign promise border wall – because of “illegal alien criminals”, asylum-seeker “caravans, and drug dealers”….  all the while he knows his tantrum will land us in an expensive waste of time procedural showdown and court-drag-alongs… he said so….

Donald J. Trump said this

“When these monstrous caravans come up to the United States…… So I am going to be signing a National Emergency” – Yes the illicit President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is calling asylum seeking- raped, beaten, threatened women and children and men – seeking asylum – the monsters who give us cause for a Sate of Emergency! It is time to #STORMtheWhiteHouse

Senator and Presidential Candidate, Elizabeth Warren

Donald Trump just announced that he’s declaring a national emergency to build his hateful border wall.This is an unprecedented abuse of power – sidestepping Congress and unilaterally diverting billions of dollars from other projects to build a wall that won’t work, Americans living on the border don’t want, and goes against our core values. And when asked why he felt the need to declare a national emergency, Trump just now told reporters: “I didn’t need to do this…I just want to do it faster.”

Congressman Adam Schiff

He did it. President Trump just announced that while he’ll sign legislation to avert another government shutdown, he is declaring a national emergency to redirect funding to build his wall, the one Mexico was going to pay for. This is dangerous.  The Constitution is there to ensure that the President can’t just decide one day to take billions of dollars for a project that Congress — repeatedly — refused to fund. The President’s efforts to cater to the most extreme elements of his base and his favorite TV hosts is not a national emergency. This isn’t an emergency – it’s a blatant abuse of power, and we must stop it. This unconstitutional action will be challenged in the courts from day one, but Congress must act too.

Senator and Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris

We should be doing something about the actual emergencies plaguing our nation, like the gun violence epidemic or health care access, not playing politics in order to build a ridiculously wasteful border wall.I am ready to fight with everything I have.

Tom Steyer

We know the real security threat to the country isn’t the border — it’s the man who sits in the White House and abuses the Constitution on a daily basis.
Our job is to push members of Congress to hold Donald Trump accountable.
Walter Shaub

Shaub was the director of the Office of Government Ethics during the Obama administration, and he’s been outspoken about Trump’s glaring lack of ethics — ” Donald Trump is so bad at being president he has to invent non-existent emergencies so Ann Coulter stops saying mean things about him.”

Journalist Peter Alexander
“Trump, responding to my question, concedes there’s no national emergency to justify building his wall: “I didn’t need to do this… I just want to do it faster.” That answer will complicate his legal case.”  @PeterAlexander
Melanie Nathan in her capacity as a citizen
“This culminated from the so very obvious trajectory established at the moment Trump announced his run for the Presidency – where he spewed the same hatred and lies which he did today, in his insidious attempt to demonize minorities, immigrants and asylum seekers. He has a flagrant disregard for truth, and continues to lie about immigration and security at our southern border. Ironically it is Trump who has now in fact created a National Emergency through this indecent oath defying assault on our constitution and hence attack on our democracy. He has delivered exactly what the Russians would have wanted.”
Apparently this is now an option:
“Republicans have good reason to be deeply nervous. Here’s why: According to one of the country’s leading experts on national emergencies, it appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) can trigger a process that could require the GOP-controlled Senate to hold a vote on such a declaration by Trump — which would put Senate Republicans in a horrible political position.” @durrati
I will be updating with more remarks ……. as they come in during the course of today – check back!!!!

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