Gov Northam You Stood at My Church Pulpit, talked about Unity, Love – all along you despised the sight of us!

This tweet tells it all –

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam confirmed Friday he was in a racist yearbook photo showing one person dressed in blackface and another in the KKK’s signature white hood and robes, and apologized for “the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now.”

The photograph, which was obtained by CNN, appears in the 1984 yearbook for Eastern Virginia Medical School. Northam did not say whether he was wearing the KKK outfit or blackface.The photo was first reported by conservative website Big League Politics.


Here is what I wrote on my Facebook page the minute I heard about this:

Melanie Nathan:  Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam says he was 25 years old in 1984 when he posed for/displayed overtly offensive (no nuances in hood and black face) racist pictures in a school year book. Lets put this in perspective: Step down you fucking racist arsehole. Albeit “repentant” and Democrat. I was white and privileged in my twenties in 1984 in Apartheid South Africa and I knew THAT was wrong- nor would have felt so inclined for half a fraction of a second! Age and bygone decades is no excuse. It is WHO you are…. and if you are repenting for your overt unabashed racism – then do it openly with transparency – don’t sneak in as a Democratic governor who “once happened to think that way!” THE END!!!!

In his apology he has not said which one he is in the photograph. Does it matter? Of course not.

What matters is:

1) He is dressed up as either “black face” or a KKK white supremacist – both overt racist images invoking hate and violence

2) He lends his face and page to this racist branding

3) Why was he not woke at age 25 in 1984? He was not exactly a kid – he was studying to be a medical doctor – not exactly an ignorant moron

4) He ran as a Democrat for office – yet failed to address his racist past ahead of his campaign? Did he think it would never surface?

5) He has not yet resigned – meaning he thinks he can get away with this!

6) He is a Democrat who accused Trump of racism and now does not have a kosher leg to stand on – only an hypocritical one!

7) The Democratic Party is not a party that can place once hateful bigots in high office at any point in time, regardless of repentance. They just do not qualify. Ever! The same applies to those who made homophobic hateful remarks against gays – like democratic presidential candidate Tulsi. They just do not qualify! There is no evolution from hate enough to place these people in such high places.

The good news is it seems all the Democratic party are unified in calling for his resignation . I do not know of anyone asking him to stay in his seat.

Here is his apology

Here are social media responses:


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