No Hostages for RACISM

Well, well well! Today Trump GAVE UP up on his hostage taking! He finally relented, agreeing to reopen the government he closed and to stop the suffering he caused.

Trump took a million Americans government workers hostage, threatening ALL our health and safety and brought our country probably to the worst state of diminished security in our entire modern history.

All of this to bring his racist white-supremacist policy to fruition, (please pardon the horror of the optics of this expression) while sucking the collective scrotum of his right wing Hannity – Coulter-Limbaugh – Bannon – Miller – Stone, et al and base!

What happened was a fucking disgrace!

WE MUST use these images and stories in our election ads for the next series of election cycles to further our BLUE WAVE and to remind America of who Trump is and who the Republicans have become, under Trump’s attempts at dictatorship!

In America we nurture and nourish immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers because they strengthen our country.

We do not have a border crisis. We have a Trump crisis.

I am so pleased that our Federal Workers did the right thing – showing these racists who Americans are – that racism and xenophobia will NOT divide us.

Try it – it will unite us!

Thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic members of Congress and to our Democratic leadership in the Senate.

NOW do not cave – we will win American back from the hands of this madman and his henchmen!

#TrumpShutdown #Shutdown #BlueWave 


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.55.21 PM

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An now read some real reporting:


‘No one should ever underestimate the speaker’: How Pelosi won the shutdown battle

Pelosi’s victory will help define her over the next two years as she clashes with Trump.

Two months ago, Nancy Pelosi was battling an internal Democratic rebellion trying to bar her from the speakership.

Pelosi faced doubts over whether she was the right person to lead the new Democratic majority, despite shepherding her party to victory on Election Day, and some colleagues demanded she step down after 16 years in power. READ IT HERE.

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