Africa Brief – Tanzanian Gay Hunt, Cameroon Turmoil, Expat Somalis Win U.S. Elections and More…..

Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis has turned into a full-scale propaganda war. The return of 78 kidnapped schoolchildren this week has led to an exchange of allegations between Cameroon’s government and Anglophone militant separatists claiming the other side was responsible, reports Amindeh Blaise Atabong from Yaoundé. Meanwhile, TV journalist Mimi Mefo Takombo has been detained indefinitely by the government for tweeting that an army bullet was responsible for killing an American pastor in the conflict-ridden northwest region.

The African immigrants who made history in the US mid-term polls.From Liberia to Somalia and Eritrea, a cadre of candidates whose families or themselves immigrated to the US were elected to office this week. Reporting from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Abdi Latif Dahir shows how the Somali community there carved a niche in the local political scene to achieve electoral success.

The hope and heartache of Africa’s “Renaissance Generation.” A white mother, an African father, who met while the latter gained education overseas: those are the traits author Aminatta Forna shares with the likes of president Obama and philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah. In the New York Review of Books, Forna delves into the ambitions and disappointments faced by the generation that came of age at the same time as their countries gained independence.

Tanzanian officials order physical exams of 10 alleged gays: 

Tanzanian authorities are carrying out physical anal examinations on 10 men suspected of homosexual activity in Zanzibar, according to police. This has enormous anti human rights implications, which we will explore in an update at African Human Rights Coalition. (African HRC)

A wave of arrests of gays in Tanzania is feared after a senior official urged the public to report suspected gays to authorities. Homosexual acts are illegal in Tanzania and can bring a sentence of up 30 years. The examinations are taking place on Friday to see if there are any signs of same-sex relations among the men, who were arrested last week on suspicion of celebrating a gay marriage at a resort hotel, police chief of the south region of Zanzibar, Suleiman Hassan, told The Associated Press.

“We acted on a tip-off from a good citizen leading them to abort their party during the weekend and then police made a quick arrest,” said Hassan. After being held for several days, the men have been released pending the investigations, he said.

Last week Paul Makonda, the administrative chief of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, urged citizens to report any suspected homosexuals. He said a task force would be established to seek out and punish homosexuals and prostitutes.   READ MORE at VOX

African Union extraordinary sessions (Nov. 14-18). African presidents, prime ministers, and cabinet officers will congregate in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss the state of the continental body.

Education/ Training:

Training for African filmmakers. The documentary festival in Munich will offer emerging African filmmakers a fully-funded residency programaccompanied by training in story development, financing, and pitching. (Nov. 18)

The Tutu fellowship for African leadership. The program allows young leaders to explore the issues and specific characteristics that make, define, and challenge an African leader. (Dec. 15)

The Yale Young African Scholars. The intensive academic program will be held in Kenya, Ghana, and Zimbabwe to engage high school students who wish to make a meaningful impact as young leaders on the continent. (Feb. 6)


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