America’s Real Witch-Hunt by Donald Trump

Is that how you conduct criminal investigations or search for known criminals? By asking the average American on a BUS if they are in fact Americans?

This is not fake news! Below is the Video to prove it. Another one of those many private citizen videos.  Donald Trump himself is conducting one of the biggest witch- hunts ever to occur in the United States of America. And while he may not seem to be hunting all of you – it is all of you directly impacted. No person on American soil should be stopped anywhere in America by a person of authority, without cause. If an official/officer is ‘investigating’ a specific criminal, with cause, it is highly unlikely that the first question you will be asked will be “ARE YOU AN AMERICAN MADAM?”

From day one when he announced his run for the United States Presidency, Trump disavowed immigrants, with a special focus on Mexican immigrants. Upon entering office he immediately went into first gear to create whatever havoc he could for undocumented people in the United States, for foreign travelers who were not white skinned of the Swedish variety, for refugees and asylum seekers, especially those from, as he noted, “Shit hole” countries etc. etc…. lest we forget his attack against Muslims.

For as long as the dragnet tightens on Donald J. Trump, with a myriad of indictments against his business and campaign bedfellows, with questions still unanswered, all still in the hands of the Mueller investigation, Trump has been screaming “WITCH HUNT” – A battle cry for:  “They are chasing me down, searching to make up crimes to attach to me!”

Trump has been conducting his own witch-hunt, aided and abetted by his cohorts Jeff Sessions and Kirstjen Nielsen. Indeed they did say they were ONLY interested in going after the undocumented immigrants (who they term illegals) and only those who had criminal records or were criminals.

That is not the truth… they lied!

They are going after everyone who may simply be undocumented.  In effect they are hunting 11 million people, and are using similar tactic to that which Hitler did when he started out hunting 6 million Jews!

AND while they are doing this, they are impinging on the basic rights of  all Americans.

How does it feel as an American (or anyone for that matter), and especially an American of color, of Asian decent, Latin decent, middle Easterners, – you know anyone slightly darker than Swedish, to be subjected to ICE / DHS uniformed officers stopping buses on daily routes from Rochester to New York, interrogating people about their citizenship?

“Excuse me Ma’am are you American?”

Tell me Donald Trump:

– IS THAT HOW YOUR ADMINISTRATION FINDS CRIMINALS?  Because apparently you are only looking for THE criminals?

-In fact you do not even have the jurisdiction to search out criminals! That is up to local policing  – you are in fact hunting undocumented people – ALL OF THEM!


– Is that how you conduct criminal investigations or search for known criminals? By asking the average American on a BUS if they are in fact Americans?

This type of government over-action hurts us all. It puts us all on edge. We do not want to have borders within our country. We do not want to watch the pain on our neighbors face as they are interrogated, without cause, on their way to work or to visit a sick mother in hospital. Being stopped in this fashion  interferes with our peaceful existence. It is disturbing. It sets people up for panic and to be hurt.  Its disgusting. Its a disturbance. It stinks!  This IS apartheid South Africa – where people had to present a PASSBOOK under the Pass Laws at the whim of some uniform. This is NAZI GERMANY where Hitler conducted his witch-hunt for Jews.

No Donald Trump – Mueller is investigating you WITH just CAUSE evidenced by current indictments and much more – as well as a lot of lies you tweetedly admitted surrounding that Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. That ain’t no WITCH-HUNT by any account!

However you project ever so profoundly: Because in fact it is YOU who is conducting the witch-hunt and you are doing it to every single American citizen who does not look like he or she just stepped off a bus in Stockholm, Lund or Gothenburg!

Here is the proof: 

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 7.23.01 AM


REMEMBER– Something being legal does not make it right!
Slavery was legal – it was not right!
South African Apartheid was legal – it was not right!


Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.48.56 AM


As part of its immigration enforcement efforts, CBP boards buses and trains in the 100-mile border region either at the station or while the bus is on its journey. More than one officer usually boards the bus, and they will ask passengers questions about their immigration status, ask passengers to show them immigration documents, or both. These questions should be brief and related to verifying one’s lawful presence in the U.S. Although these situations are scary, and it may seem that CBP agents are giving you an order when they ask you questions, you are not required to answer and can simply say you do not wish to do so. As always, you have the right to remain silent.

Refusing to answer CBP’s questions may result in the agent persisting with questioning. If this occurs, you should ask if you are being detained. Another way to ask this is to say, “am I free to leave?” If the agent wishes to actually detain you — in other words, you are not free to leave — the agent needs at least reasonable suspicion that you committed an immigration violation to do so. Also, if an agent begins to question you about non-immigration matters, say to ask about drug smuggling, or if they haul you off the bus, they need at least reasonable suspicion that you committed an offense in order to briefly detain you while they investigate. You can ask an agent for their basis for detaining you, and they should tell you.

The longer CBP detains you the more suspicion they need — eventually they will need probable cause once the detention goes from brief to prolonged. If the agent arrests you or searches the interior of your belongings, they need probable cause that you committed an offense. You can ask the agent to tell you their basis for probable cause, and they should be able to articulate their suspicion.

BY Melanie Nathan

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