Kids Under Fire- Every Single USA School Kid is a Victim!

 For children to take their schools back they are going to have to first SHUT THEM DOWN!!!! Would you rather have your kid alive for a year longer or educated a year longer. We could have “take your kid to work year” !!!!!!

Following today’s tragic shooting at the Sante Fe High School in Houston, where ten lives were lost:

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.42.05 PMHaving been raised in Apartheid South Africa I learned what extreme protest looks like and how effective it can be. Its when people are willing to sacrifice and sacrifice BIG  for change- EVERYONE!. It usually only happens when the majority of people are impacted.

This is the 22nd mass gun shooting at a school in the USA, That is over two tragedies involving loss of school children lives per month just this 2018 year. Although (thank G-d) most of us with school going kids have not suffered the tragedy of losing a child, and we can barely imagine or compare ourselves to those who have, all our kids are victims. And we the adults cannot stand back or lightly protest anymore!

I posted this on my Facebook page earlier :

“At the Rally against guns my kid stood on a stage and spoke – saying how scary it was even to do drills. Then this: My daughter’s middle school in Marin County had a false alarm of an active shooter a week ago. Things did not go smoothly from what I could gather, in terms of the response- there was mayhem. It felt real. The terror for my kid and the others was real. Several kids had asthma attacks. My kid was really sick this week with a serious chest cold, as diagnosed by the doctor. She was off school. I am taking her – reluctantly- to school this morning. The kids are traumatized. All the kids. Of course we should not compare this to those suffering tragic loss and injuries. BUT I AM SICK of this and the resulting trauma – All our kids are victims.!”

Then today after the tragedy, I hear the likes of Ted Cruz having the audacity to give a grand stand speech in Texas – with media allowing his podium-  basically saying… well this what my ears heard, – yes my interpretation:

“ I will pray for the dead, all the while I don’t give a fuck about the threat to your kids because I will still take NRA money this next election and do shill to change anything!!  Its business as usual”.

NO IT IS NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL TED!!!!Nor any other ddamn republican sitting in any elected office…..

So who is willing to REALLY go to the maximum lengths – South African Anti-Apartheid style ? We can bring America to its knees on guns!

Here is how: (My angry post earlier today repeated:)

SO Adults and kids – now that the March for Lives and Rallies did not get the action we needed that would prevent more deaths, I have the ultimate form of protest: SHUT DOWN EVERY SCHOOL IN AMERICA! That means keep the kids home. Teachers stay home. And lets not go back until gun laws are changed dramatically. Lets hold the NRA hostage to America operating again. After all keeping kids at home will keep parents from work. Ok ok ok I know this sounds crazy and extreme – and Americans only do drastic things when personally impacted…. so yeah unrealistic… but just think about it. Just think about it….. Would you rather have your kid alive for a year longer or educated a year longer. We could have “take your kid to work year” !!!!!!

And then after I posted that THIS happened and I posted this:


This morning’s news of another deadly school shooting near Houston, Texas has justifiably renewed concerns in our own community, particularly around the use of social media as a vehicle for expression of intent to potentially do harm to others. Along those lines, today we’ve received from a credible source, copies of social media posts that cause us concern with regard to the 7th grade dance, scheduled for this evening at REDACT SCHOOL NAME.  We are in communication with local law enforcement about this matter and have shared all information with them. In the meantime and out of an abundance of caution, we are canceling tonight’s dance at REDACT SCHOOL NAME.

We understand this is a disappointment to our students and to all who have worked so hard to plan and put this event together. Yet we know that you will agree the safety of our students, staff, and parents must always be our top priority.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. The dance will be rescheduled for a later date.

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!! For children to take their schools back they are going to have to first SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!



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