Top 10 Reasons why we should STFU about the pillory on Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.53.49 AMWill everyone please just stop talking about how poor ‘ol Sarah Huckabee Sanders was affronted at the White House Correspondent dinner this weekend. STFU! Here are 10 TOP reasons why!

10. The White House Correspondents dinner traditionally is a roast where people can be expected to be made fun of – that is its tradition. Everyone knows that ahead of the event;

9. The keynote comedian, Michelle Wolf,  knows its a ‘no holds barred’ event – and was expected to give it her all. Those about to be trashed know it;

8. In past such events, those who sit at that main table know they have the eyes of millions on them and know they are about to be embarrassed  – so if you don’t have the stomach for it – don’t do it!

7.  Traditionally the President of the United States sits at that main table. Well Donald J. Trump who cannot take a joke, and who cowers away from anything but abject praise, sent Sarah Huckabee Sanders in his stead. Surely she should therefor have the balls needed to replace his!

6. Some say the so called ‘body shaming’ aspect was embarrassing and uncalled for- well if you read the transcript of the joke to which body shaming was attributed, it was in fact not a body shaming joke – but rather one that alluded to the lies Sarah spews at the American people, day after day, on behalf of her President. Look it up – I won’t expend the energy!

5. Some are concerned about the vulgarity:  Well those same people not only weathered the storm of the Access Hollywood tapes, but found excuses to justify it. They were not offended then – why so offended now by similar terminology, yet again, over the airwaves? Yup, they found all the ‘locker room’ excuses they could muster, when  Trump blasted to millions of people how he loves to grab women by their ‘pussy.’  And to add insult to injury, in our daily real lives, we continue to be assailed by allegations of ‘piss on hookers’ and unprotected sex with porn stars – all while married! Surely we have become immune and vulgar is as vulgar does?

4. The comedian, Michelle Wolf, happens to be a woman! How refreshing to see a woman take on another woman in a manner that seemed reserved only for men. Its about time we had equity in the line of comic duty. Well done Michelle for going all the way!

3. Is it not time to Make America Feel Uncomfortable Again? errr…. that would be hashtag #MAFUA – Yes, we are too complacent when faced with the most vulgar presidency known to America EVER. Not a day goes by when Donald Trump does not offend or verbally assault EITHER/ AND /OR  a person of color, an LGBT person, a woman, an immigrant, a disabled person,  a Mexican, an asylum seeker, a refugee, a Jew, a Muslim, … feel free to add to the list…

2. For the first time ever – America saw a statue turn human! We finally discover that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a human being after all and not merely the stone statue that mouths the ventriloquist President!  Woo hoo-  She has feelings. And Michelle Wolf invoked them for us all to see – a countenance that reflected disgust! An emotion!  Sarah Huckabee Sanders spends her days stone-faced, emotionless, regardless of the suffering of those impacted by the Trump dicta, LYING – to the American people on his behalf… .AND FINALLY someone managed to invoke some emotion – !!

AND FINALLY THE #1 SLOT The Elephant in the room #1!!!!!!

1. THE REAL VULGARITY OF THAT EVENING – was in the offensive, cruel and lying diatribe delivered by TRUMP to his sycophants and heard by millions at his SNUB THE FREE PRESS RALLY – the forum he stood at, balls in hand, while Michelle Wolf had her moment!  There were many vulgarities but for me the most horrific resulted in my Facebook post on my Timeline, quoted below –  pursuant to his denigration of the Caravan of asylum seeking mothers and children who had just made its way to the United Staes Mexican border:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.21.46 AM.pngNO AMERICAN, least of all a President, should defecate on the laws of the United States of America, and our international obligations, in the manner that Trump did at his “SNUB THE PRESS” Rally yesterday.

Trump’s hateful tirade and rhetoric was directed at the caravan of 100 asylum seekers, mostly women, some pregnant, and children, arriving at the U.S. Mexican border, after a month long courageous and terrifying journey, across a continent –  ONLY seeking to abide and plead to our laws of asylum – for a life of safety for their children.

How dare Trump, in the name of our country, turn his back on these laws and our humanity, as if on our behalf? How dare he!

I have hope because I believe that most of us care and we believe that these asylum seekers should be welcomed with open arms, to be adjudicated under our laws. Do not allow Trump to get away with blurring the lines between illegal entry and perfectly legal entry into our country. SPEAK OUT! SILENCE is indicative of an acceptance of the Trump lies…

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